Dr. Natalia Nowara Lauritano

Dr. Natalia Nowara Lauritano

MD MEDMIX Hair Clinic, Bielsko-Biała, Polen


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Praktiziert seit 2014

FUE Haartransplantationspaket mit 1000 Grafts ab1.700 €

Über Dr. Natalia Nowara Lauritano

Dr. Natalia Nowara-Lauritano graduated as a medical doctor in 2014 and spent the subsequent years deepening her ability with further experience and education. To date she has completed courses in the field of hair transplantation, attended medical conferences and specialised as a surgeon, amongst other achievements. She is also a member of FUE Europe Association.

With a second specialisation in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Nowara-Lauritano is able to deploy her experience with the skill and care that natural-looking results depend on. She also places a large focus on performing effective and safe treatments. With fluency in English, she is an ideal doctor for international patients.


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ul. Gen. Józefa Kustronia 4 43-300 Bielsko-Biała
Bielsko-Biała, Polen

MD MedMix Hair Clinic specialises in hair and scalp treatments. Their team consisting of doctors whose expertise throughly covers the broad issue of hair loss; incorporating a disagnosis of scalp issues lets them tackle hair restoration with a depth that helps achieve lasting results. This also means that patients are always treated as individuals, having their personal hair loss problems addressed by the trichologist, dermatologist and surgeons that are on hand at MedMix. They also cooperate with additional, external specialists to ensure a fully rounded service for each patient.

This clinic specialises in the FUE hair transplant technique and stays up to date with advanced medical technology, including tools that extract grafts with particular preciseness. Procedures are carried out entirely by a doctor with the support of assistants, which is an advantage that MedMix provides based on their belief in the surgeon's skill above all else.

  • 10 years experience in hair transplant with all-inclusive packages.
  • Modern facilitites.
  • Speaks fluent English and Polish and Italian.