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  • Magenbypass-OP

  • Beratungsgespräche vor und nach der OP und Tests

  • Einnahme aller nötigen Medikamente und Betäubung erfolgt in der Klinik

  • postoperativer Ernährungsplan

  • Persönlicher Ansprechpartner für Patientenbedürfnisse

  • 2 Übernachtungen in der Klinik mit Mahlzeiten

  • 5 Übernachtungen im Hotel mit Frühstück

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    Tag 1 - Ankunft und Beratung

  • Ankunft am Flughafen Kaunas (KUN) oder Flughafen Vilnius (VNO)
  • Fahrservice zur Klinik für eine Beratung im Vorfeld des Eingriffs und Bluttests
  • Fahrt zum Hotel

    Tag 2 - Behandlung

  • Fahrt vom Hotel zur Klinik
  • Schlauchmagen-OP (Beratung, wenn nicht bereits am Vortag erfolgt)
  • Übernachtung in der Klinik

    Tag 3 - Erholung

  • Erholung in der Klinik

    Tag 4 - Umzug ins Hotel

  • Entlassung aus der Klinik und Fahrt ins Hotel
  • Abhängig vom BMI und Begleiterkrankungen des Patienten ist eine weitere Übernachtung in der Klinik möglich

    Tag 5-7 - Erholung

  • Erholung im Hotel

    Tag 8 - Abreise

  • Fahrt zum Flughafen


  • Sie sollten 2 Wochen vor dem OP-Termin mit der Einnahme von Omeprazol (säurereduzierend) beginnen.
  • Vermeiden Sie fettige Speisen und nehmen Sie möglichst wenig Kohlenhydrate zu sich.
  • In manchen Fällen empfiehlt Ihr Arzt Ihnen, eine Gewichtsreduktion vor der OP.
  • Bitte informieren Sie Ihren Arzt während der Beratung über etwaige Medikamentenunverträglichkeiten.
  • Sollten Sie Medikamente gegen chronische Erkrankungen einnehmen, oder sollten andere gesundheitliche Beschwerden vorliegen, informieren Sie bitte die Klinik im Vorfeld darüber.


  • Befolgen Sie die Anweisungen Ihres Arztes.
  • Sie erhalten einen genauen Ernährungsplan, den Sie einhalten müssen.
  • Flughafentransfer
  • Hotelbuchung
  • Kostenloses WiFi
  • Übersetzungsservice
Medizinisches Team
Dr. Antanas Mickevicius, MD Dr. Antanas Mickevicius


Bariatrische Chirurgie

Jahre Erfahrung



medizinischer Abschluss - Kaunas Universität für Medizin, Litauen


Litauisch, Englisch

Mitgliedschaften & Auszeichnungen

International Federation of the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO) Europäische Gesellschaft für Chirurgische Onkologie Litauische Gesellschaft für bariatrische und metabolische Chirurgie

Dauer der OP (in Stunden)
2 bis 3 Std
Übernachtungen im Krankenhaus
Covidien Medtronic
Zulassungsvoraussetzungen für die Behandlung
Mindestalter ist 18 Jahre
Höchstalter ist 65 Jahre
BMI muss bei mind. 35 liegen (bei mit Fettleibigkeit verbundenen Krankheiten bei 32- 35)
Sie sind daran interessiert, Ihren Lebenswandel zu ändern
Zusätzliche Informationen
Montag bis Freitag
Aufenthaltsdauer insgesamt
8 Tage
Begleitung mit im Doppelzimmer/Zweibettzimmer: je nach Hotel +0 - 15€ pro Nacht
Begleitung übernachtet mit in der Klinik: +130€
Zusätzliche Übernachtungen
Einzelzimmer: je nach Hotel 40€ - 65€ pro Nacht
Doppelzimmer/Zweibettzimmer: je nach Hotel 45€ - 65€ pro Nacht
Besondere Anforderungen
Zugang für Rollstühle
HIV Patienten
Werden nicht behandelt
Hepatitis B und C Patienten
Werden behandelt, Arzt muss im Vorfeld über die Erkrankung informiert werden
Benötigte Anzahlung

Für die Sicherung Ihres Termins müssen 15 % der Behandlungskosten angezahlt werden. Außerdem benötigen Sie die Buchungsbestätigung Ihres Fluges.

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • Visa Debitkarte
  • Barzahlung (€)

Keine Ratenzahlung/Finanzierung möglich. Sie können Ihren Termin jedoch bis zu 12 Monate im Voraus buchen und haben so genügend Zeit zum Sparen.



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Verifizierter Patient



4. Februar 2019

Allgemeine Zufriedenheit



Like I said the experience was great the staff were all very helpful Alexandra was super I can't recommend her enough and Juste at the hospital.

From the start Alexandra was brilliant when I began looking into the surgery every question I had she answered and her manner was kind and helpful. She would call me regularly and send over any info I required promptly. Once I made the decision to go for the surgery things moved fast I booked the flights and paid the deposit. On arrival at the airport a driver met me and brought me directly to the hotel he pointed out the hospital on the way past. I arrived the day before my surgery. I was excited and nervous this was a new start for me. All the transfers to and from my hotel were arranged by my contact at the hospital Jannis/Juste. It was great to know you could call someone any time with questions or concerns and she was fantastic. I had the gastric bypass done after consulting with the surgeon. I fasted from the evening before and my surgery was the following afternoon. A taxi was arranged to pick me up early to go to the hospital for my pre op tests. It was like having an MOT they were very thorough and it made me feel safe. I went ahead and next thing I was waking up all over. The nurses were very attentive and I was in a private room with ensuite. The facilities were modern and very clean. I had one or two small problems after surgery with food and discomfort but I was well taken care of until it settled down. I spent 2 nights in the hospital originally and one more after because of discomfort I just had to stay on a liquid diet a little longer. The only issue I had before leaving was a darting pain in my left hip which I still have and was told would settle down. I was concerned about it being a clot and called juste in the middle of the night. She contacted the surgeon and they were sure it was not that but arranged a scan to confirm as I was flying home later that day. It was all clear and I was delighted with the response to my concern. I spent 3 nights in the hospital and 5 nights in the hotel. The only negative for me was the hotel even though I can't fault the staff it had no restaurant and limited seating area. This just meant that you were confined to your room alot. Also the location was close to the hospital but it had a nightclub next door which

meant loud noise on 3 nights. Otherwise my experience was very good and I would highly recommend this hospital. Like I said the experience was great the staff were all very helpful Alexandra was super I can't recommend her enough and Juste at the hospital. The only issue was the accommodation should be better I had to go to the supermarket to buy yoghurt soup and water as there was no restaurant at the hotel and they didn't have the natural yoghurt either. It was a big issue for me bcoz I was lucky I came around fast from the surgery and recovered well with only one or two issues but I was weak and having to go out in the cold to buy essentials 2 days after surgery was not good. When I told Juste she did send more supplies from the hospital but if the hotel had a restaurant these basic needs would have been covered. Mehr

Verifizierter Patient



9. Mai 2018

Allgemeine Zufriedenheit



From the first consolations till the last was perfect, professional and the best service.

I had a trouble at the airport as no one was waiting for us and we had to wait approx an hour for a taxi driver who wasn’t friendly or apologetic. After that from the first consolations till the last was perfect, professional and the best service. Excellent! Nothing bad I can think of!!!

Verifizierter Patient



14. März 2018

Allgemeine Zufriedenheit



I can assure you that you'll be in good hands at all levels!

So this is how it happened for me. I arrived in Kaunas on Sunday 4th of March where the taxi driver was already waiting for me with a tablet with my name on it. Juste was tracking my flight and called me right when we landed. I stayed in Kaunas from 4th to 14th of March. Monday 5th was all dedicated to pre-op exams. Process was quite smooth, Jogailé, my medical manager, who is in charge of foreign patients, was with me during all the time and took care of everything. She was with me during my scheduled visits to endocrinologist, blood test, endoscopy, ECG, etc. She welcomed me for my hospital admission, visited me everyday during my stay at the hospital, she went with me to the pharmacy, arranged taxi services and she took care of arranging the food delivery to the hotel after being discharged. Next day, March 6, was the surgery day, there again, all was taken care of. I arrived in a very nice individual room (picture attached) and the nurses were very helpful. Doctor came to visit me, we had a last talk prior to the operation. The Doctor is a very calm and qualified surgeon that put you in confidence and I went very relaxed to my surgery, which lasted 2 hours. As the operation went well, I stayed 2 nights at the hospital after surgery, and then in the hotel for another week . Before leaving the country, you have another visit with the doctor to check that you are apt for travelling. As for assistance, I went alone because my husband had to stay with our daughter. But it wasn't really a problem, Jogailé or Juste were always available by phone if you need something. If you can get someone with you for the company, it's fine, but in my case, Netflix did just fine! In terms of pain, I had painkillers all the time that I needed when I was at the hospital. I can't really say I had pain, it was more discomfort. I had 4 small stitches that healed when I left the country. I was able to sleep very well, but they offered me pills to help me in case I couldn't. Don't worry about pain, considering the type of surgery, it's not painful at all. Regarding the diet, the first days you can only sip some water, because you need to make your stomach work. And you have to do it little

by little, to see how your body reacts. This is very important, they will tell you all the time, because if you try to drink quickly as you used to, you may have nauseas or vomit. I only had 2 nauseas, and never vomit until April 6th when I re-introduce food, I must have eaten too fast. But overall, it is all good. The second day in the hospital, before leaving to the hotel, they gave me some tea, and I had to do the same, drink it little by little and not too hot. After that, my diet is based on liquids, yoghurts and baby food, something you don't need to chew, easy to swallow and in small quantities. That was the most difficult part for me. You won't be hungry, because one of the main advantages of these type of surgeries is that you're not hungry anymore... Now, 38 days after surgery, I have found the balance between what I eat and the energy I need during the day. Although I don't need as much as I used to, I don't feel weak. I'm feeling better every day and my stomach is getting used to the new diet. I think the weight loss depends more on the person and the amount of excess weight. In my case I had between 25/30 kg to loose, I've already lost 10 kg in 38 days. I had my 1 month post-op yesterday and the doctor said I'm doing well in term of results and it may take between 6 months to 1 year to achieve my objective. (See some pictures attached of my progress) As for the general Lithuanian mentality, they're obviously quite different from people in the US or from Portugal (where I live), but they're without any doubt very nice and helpful people. Wherever I went (shopping Mall, hospital, taxi...) they were always very nice to me, so don't worry about that, you'll not feel discrimination. One thing I noticed was ponctuality, the never miss an hour or are late! So overall my experience is very positive and I'll do it again with no hesitation. Fee free if you need anything else, but I can assure you that you'll be in good hands at all levels! Hope it helps and good luck if you decide to do it! Regards, Mouna Mehr

Verifizierter Patient



27. Februar 2018

Allgemeine Zufriedenheit



The hospital.....well I have never felt so comfortable, well looked after and confident about the staff and their abilities. [Qunomedical] would bend over backwards to facilitate you. They follow you from start to finish.

I was picked up at the airport. Transport was organised for appointments throughout my trip. The hotel staff spoke great English, were friendly and always done their best to facilitate my needs. The hospital.....well I have never felt so comfortable, well looked after and confident about the staff and their abilities. They explained everything in detail, provided a full work up beforehand and are experts in their field. The hospital was so clean you could eat your dinner off the floor. I would highly recommend. Diligent and competent at what they do. Would bend over backwards to facilitate you. They follow you from start to finish. There was some miscommunication at times. It's not something I think that needs to be fixed, I just think that's part of life 😁

Verifizierter Patient

Doyle Aisling,


22. September 2016

Allgemeine Zufriedenheit



Everybody was wonderful, very friendly and professional.

I want to thank everyone at Kardiolita for everything, everybody was wonderful, very friendly and professional. I will be telling people about your hospital. Thank you for the communication, if not this, I think I would have been too nervous to do all of this as I was so nervous. Big thanks to the doctor - she was wonderful. Thank you again!

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