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Mexico Transgender Center im Jardines Krankenhaus Guadalajara


Das Mexiko Transgender Center befindet sich innerhalb des Hospital Jardines in Guadalajara, Mexiko. Dr. Ivan Aguilar ist der Vorstandsvorsitzende und Gründer des mexikanischen Transgender Zentrums sowie ein renommierter Chirurg für Geschlechtsumwandlungen. Zu den Spezialisierungen von Dr. Aguilar gehören Urologie, Neurologie, Geschlechtsumwandlungen, pädiatrische und rekonstruktive Chirurgie.

Dr. Aguilar arbeitet nun mit Dr. Carlos Mèndez zusammen, einem Facharzt für plastische und ästhetische Chirurgie. Das Mexico Transgender Center ist das einzige Zentrum in Mexiko, das in der Lage ist, eine Kombination aus medizinischen und chirurgischen Kentnissen anzubieten, um zuverlässige und vollständige Ergebnisse für Patienten mit Geschlechtsumwandlungen zu erzielen.

Zu den Verfahren, die das Transgender Center in Mexiko anbietet, gehören eine operative Genitaltransformation, Gesichtsfeminisierung, kosmetisch-rekonstruktive Operationsverfahren am Penis und zusätzliche ästhetische Verfahren.

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Medizinisches Team

Dr. Iván Aguilar, MD

Dr. Iván Aguilar


Urologie (männlich & weiblich), Pädiatrie


Approbation als Arzt an der Autonomen Universität von Sinaloa und der Universität von Guadalajara, Mexiko


Englisch, Spanisch

Mitgliedschaften & Auszeichnungen

Internationale Kontinenzgesellschaft Mexikanische Gesellschaft für Urologie Mexikanisches College für Urologie

Dr. Carlos Mendez, MD

Dr. Carlos Mendez


Plastische Chirurgie


Approbation als Arzt an der Autonomen Universität von Guadalajara, Mexiko


Englisch, Spanisch

Mitgliedschaften & Auszeichnungen

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) Amerikanische Gesellschaft für Plastische Chirurgie Mexikanischer Rat für Plastische, Ästhetische und Rekonstruktive Chirurgie

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This doctor [Dr. Ivan Aguilar] pout my health first. The bottom line is that without Qunomedical and their certified doctors, I may not be writing this to you right now.

I had 2 procedures, cheek augmentation and male to female vaginoplasty, the results of both of which are outstanding! I will talk of the vaginoplasty later because it was the most life-changing and important and satisfying, however, foremost, generally speaking, from the time that I first picked up the phone and/or wrote the first email, to well after the surgery and recovery, Qunomedical (especially Catherine and Jannis) was there for me, answering and/or finding the answer to every question I had. They verified my welfare throughout and facilitated my hotel, flight and everything else. It was the most serious decision I was making, yet it was the easiest event in my life because of Qunomedial and its wonderful staff. My story is simple, like so many: since I was a child, I knew this was right. I had counselor upon counselor even tell me so. Finally, after numerous postponements due to injuries, job changes, lack of money at the time or other circumstances in my life, I finally was about to give up due to cost until y counselor mentioned that they were other options available to me. So I looked online and found so many positive things stated about Qunomedical that I thought I would give them a call. They had options that I didn't know even existed. I chose not the cheapest but the best and that 1/2 the cost of the states which leads me to the most an important thing I would like to mention. Some patients are trying to find the cheapest and get the most bang for the buck--I was no different. I had contacted a doctor in India who may have done a great job, but he was more than willing to do all the procedures I wanted (which were way too many). What do I mean? Let me put it in perspective for you. Qunomedical’s doctor Dr. Ivan Aquilar told me up front that he would be more than happy to do all the procedures, but that he couldn’t do all of them at the same time because it would risk my health—I could easily develop a blood clot leaving me dead or a vegetable—and that there was no money anyone could pay him to do that and that he would not do anything to jeopardize my health. This doctor pout my health first. He wanted a happy, satisfied and alive patient.

When I spoke with my Primary Care Physician here in the states later about it, he stated that the doctor was absolutely correct. The bottom line is that without Qunomedical and their certified doctors, I may not be writing this to you right now. As for the results, I couldn’t believe how natural and normal it looks and feels (and I still have 5 more months for the final results for this kind of surgery. Furthermore, and I can’t express this any stronger, I never felt pain from the surgery to the present—this is unprecedented from the stories I have read. He has a technique which is phenomenal, and I swear on my honor, I never felt pain, nor did I ever experience incontinence or discomfort urinating. This doctor is the absolute best, and he did study under Marci Bowers (the gold standard). The other day, Jannis emailed me and asked me how I was doing, and was thrilled to hear how happy and whole I am as a person mentally, physically and emotionally. None of this would have been possible without Qunomedical. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will continue to use their doctors for all of my upcoming elective surgeries, and I cannot express to you enough how grateful I am. I caution readers to remember, you can choose whatever doctor you want, but Qunomedical knows how their patients respond and they listen, and they want you to have a doctor who has proven that he/she is not just capable, but that will put your health first and will offer you the best chance of success, for you also have to understand that each human body heals differently and even in the best hands, some people are just prone to complications. The bottom line is that you don’t want to start off behind the 8-ball by using a doctor who is just another name in the phone book and whose history is checkered with less than successful results. Qunomedical wants to know, and your best line of defense is Qunomedical. They don’t get a commission form each patient; that is now how it works. So, they want successful repeat patients, and with me, they have one! Mehr

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