Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul, Türkei

Bewertung: FUE Haartransplantation


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Overall I was happy with the whole procedure from start to finish.

On arriving at Istanbul airport I was met by one of the hospital staff (driver) who took me directly to my accommodation, after dropping me at the hotel he informed me about picking me up the next morning to proceed to the hospital for my operation. Arriving at the hospital the next morning and contacting one of the members of staff who was assigned to me for my procedure I was introduced to the consultant and the surgeon, after a brief chat and check over I was informed to have some breakfast as I was going to be under surgery for the next five hours. After having something to eat I was then taken to the operating room, the surgeon explained what would be done and drew the outline for my new hairline, procedure started with local anaesthetic, the operation was approximately 5/6 hours. On completion of the operation I was given a meal to bring my blood sugar levels back to normal, after that the medication for the aftercare was brought to me and the doctor explained the right methods how to apply the lotions and shampoos and also about the antibiotics/painkillers. Hospital staff returned me back to my hotel around 7pm, next day I went back to the hospital for the removal of the bandages and cleaning. Overall I was happy with the whole procedure from start to finish, at first I was a little skeptical about going to another country for treatment, however on this experience I must say all went to plan as described to me beforehand, clean hospital, friendly staff, satisfactory operation. Once again I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me from start to finish on my treatment, much appreciated.

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