Bangkok International Dental Center, Thailand

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These dentists have lots of experience.

I’m a physicist, I do my research, I analyze the data, and I make a choice. It’s very important to know that BIDC has JCI accreditation. The quality, cleanliness and standard of care here is as good as any hospital in the US, which made me very relieved in my decision to come here. I think they’ve done a wonderful job! The primary reason that I would recommend someone to come here is experience. These dentists have lots of experience, they’ve literally done hundreds of these procedures. They know exactly what to do, they know exactly how to do it and they know how to do it with great skill and precision. It was clear at every moment that they knew what was going on and what the next step would be. They took great care in just aligning things and making the aesthetics and workability of my teeth as perfect as possible and I’m deeply grateful to them for all their efforts and all their work. When they were in my mouth screwing in these tiny screws and nuts, it was very clear that the person that was doing it was a highly skilled technologist who knew precisely what to do. Everything went very smoothly and I am very satisfied. I lost all my top teeth and half of my bottom teeth, I had eight implants put in my upper jaw and four in the bottom, that was a long procedure but through it all there was not a moment of pain.

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