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Hi my name is Nazeer Khan. I am from India but live in the UAE. I had my hair transplant on Jan 2017. Everything was perfect until now. Waiting for my result. I just want to share my review it may be helpful for someone because I did the same. In My case, I had a bald on front and crown area and top. I had very less hair donor area which can give only 4000 grafts in my opinion & my hairs getting thin too. So I asked many clinics everyone said 5000 grafts 4000 grafts they can cover entire head and some of them are not professional be aware of it. Only few said they can harvest over 2500 to 3000 grafts maximum and it will not cover my full head. In that few clinic also said they want to take from other body parts but I don't feel it will look good. So I got confused to what to do. Having less donor area and also want to cover full head its only possible to choose the right hospital. Then I check every clinics review in India, Iran, Turkey and finally I enquired with hospital-based clinics Eurasiamed partnership of Medicana Camlica Hospital. My advise for everyone choose hospital- based clinics. From the day 1 they are very responsive and helpful, Honest and clear my all doubts even doctor chat me and clear my doubts and he told the truth that he will try minimum 3000 to maximum 3500 grafts but it will not be cover my full head but he will try the best. So I feel this one will be my good choice. So everything went good. Transport, operation, post care medication as they mentioned everything was done great. But only thing doctor didn't perform operation their technicians only did. But they also professional. They take care good also and doctor visit every hours and checks. So 1 week over after operation waiting for my final result. Hope for others whoever visiting this clinic hope they will do their best. Thank you good luck. Had a wonderful experience. Everything was good. Thanks for Eurasiamed and their team.

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