Evergreen Dental, Ungarn

Bewertung: All-on-4 Implantate


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Yvonne L.,


Allgemeine Zufriedenheit



This clinic is the ideal place for anxiety patients - they care to the highest degree

I am an anxiety patient and did not visit a dentist for the past 15 years. Only because of the good experiences of my husband with Evergreen Dental, Dr. Vespremi and his team I felt a bit comfortable to go along. Dr. Vespremi took a lot of time of his schedule to give me a thorough and complete consultation. He also did not judge me on the state of my teeth which was very relieving. Those who are anxiety patients are know what I am talking about. I really trusted him from the beginning. I saved my cost which were tremendous in Germany and I found a doctor who I can completely trust. I can only recommend Evergreen and its motivated team!

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