Hair Medical Restoration, Mexiko

Bewertung: FUE Haartransplantation


Verifizierter Patient

Gabriel Pimentel,

Vereinigte Staaten

Allgemeine Zufriedenheit



I would do it one hundred times over if I had to!

Hello Drs. Jimmy & George Cortez, I would like to take a few minutes of your time to summerize my positive experience with your services and excellent procedure. I will be honest in saying I was skeptical beforehand but the outcome pertaining to my hair transplant has far exceeded my expectation,you guys made me feel very comfortable before,during,and after my procedure. I admire your professional attitude in treating me with the upmost respect and giving me the opportunity to enjoy my life as Ive desired for a very long time. This procedure has definitely changed my aspect. The end results are astonishing and exactly how you promised to deliver. I would recommend your services to anyone who feels as I did in the past. Feel free to contact me for any positive feedback and thank you both for everything. I would do it one hundred times over if I had to! Sincerely, Gabriel Pimentel

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