Bagatin Clinic, Kroatien

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Ivan Ć.,


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Thanks to the whole team for a fantastic experience!

I recently visited Poliklinika Bagatin in Zagreb and I was truly impressed with the facility, equipment and services the clinic provided. Being from North America, it was fascinating to see such an advanced team of professionals that surpassed my criteria of excellence and provided to be a visit that paralleled, or perhaps even exceeded the standards of most of the clinics I have visited in North America. Aside from the great facility and services, if traveling to Croatia use the opportunity to visit, consult and experience their expertise because not only is it fantastic, it's unbelievably worth the penny (and trust me when I say you will save and yet experience perhaps even better results) if you choose to use the time to bring some things in order via the clinic. Thanks to the whole team for a fantastic experience!

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