Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, Türkei

Bewertung: FUE Haartransplantation


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Toni L.,


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They are very good and professional from first till last day! Jackie from Qunomedical, she makes a beautiful job!

I was picked up from Airport Kemal Ataturk In Istanbul. I have no words for taxi service- They are very good and professional from first till last day! Arriving day and direct to the Hotel, and next morning I was in Hospital Emrah Cinik. First they take a blood test, Dr. Cinik had to make a control of my hair, after he explained me the process and plan how I will look like. Together with one medical assistant I was like most of the time. First they take pictures, aftereards they cut the hair (they make it very fast what isn't so good feeling) and afterwards they begin the process of hair transplantation. At the beginning of process I have received local anesthesia (5-10 min of pain) and after they work and I don't feel big pain. Most of the time I was with 2-3 assistants (they were very professional, they worked like machines and don't like to speak a lot 😉 Dr. Cinik worked on me like one and a half hour (he made the places where hair will be planted, he is also good person ). After 7 hours they have been finished with all process. After I spoke with the secretary and she gave me advices what to do after the process, how to take care about my hair, she give me also some medicaments and she have explaining a lot about post operations process (she was very nice) but also if you like to have best result is better when you buy there for 200 euro shampoo and vitamins for 6 months. Next day I was again in Hospital, one assistant washed my hat and controlled how I look like, not a doctor or somebody else 😒. Also a special thanks for Jackie from Qunomedical, she makes a beautiful job, very good organization of her and also post surgery support 👍. She has planned all my trip, she was in touch with me during all process and after. She helped me a lot

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