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3. Januar 2019

| Suzermed, Türkei

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I have chosen SuzerMed Clinic in Istanbul, and I was right because everything has been great professional and amazing !"

Dear Sirs, With this email I want to share my experience with everybody who is interested to do a serious and professional Hair Transplant in Turkey. I am italian, from Milan, and before choosing SuzerMed in Istanbul, I have been considering Very Important and well known Clinics specialized in Hair Transplant from Italy, Switzerland and Turkey. In Total I have been writing and asking information to 23 Clinics ! My decision took about 45 days, but, in the end, I have chosen SuzerMed Clinic in Istanbul, and I was right because everything has been great professional and amazing ! So ... I did all my Hair Transplant with SuzerMed in Istanbul. I start saying from the beginning of this long comment, that My Experience with SuzerMed has been definitely Very Positive and I can say that I have been Very Satisfied about everything. My Rate for SuzerMed is : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Let us start with the attention that they have been giving me from the start ... and BEFORE that I took my decision to do the Operation with them. From the First day that I have been contacting them, they answered me immediately. This means a Perfect Service, Care for the Patient and Professionaliy. All the questions I did, have been answered immediately too, and ... always kindly with Professionality, Competence and Quality. I have Never got superficial answers, but always clear professional and direct answers. This behaviour helped me really much to feel safe and sure about everything ... and about choosing SuzerMed ! My Main Contact was Hasan, a Young Professional Manager from Istanbul who speaks fluently english language (he has been studying in the USA). He has been my Guide before my trip to Turkey, answering to all the questions I did in whatsapp, and he has been my Chaperon during all my staying in Istanbul. After 45 Days that I have been searching, interviewing and asking for information to 23 Clinics between Italy, Switzerland and Turkey and after having asked the opinions of too many Doctors, I decided to choose SuzerMed Clinics as Hasan gave me the feeling to be a Manager who was working for a serious professional and competent Clinic... and so it was. All the Professional questions

i did about the Operation and my needs, were always answered in a very kind and direct way, always clear, professional and sure ! The Doctor who followed my Case and who coordinated my operation was Dr.FATIH OZTURK and his Great Team (all very Professional, Fast, Kind and Skilled). He was amazing. I have to say that Dr.Fatih has been a very good Doctor , always smiling, and his Team was impressive... everybody was very carefull and professional. They took care about me ... all the time !!! About my Staying in Istanbul, I have been staying in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, one of the Best 5Stars Hotels in Istanbul... with a wonderfull view on the Bosphorus and which was 400 meters from Taksim Square... the Main Square in Istanbul. All the Team of the Hotel was great, professional, carefull, kind ... in one word : wonderful. At my arrival in the airport and All the times I had to move back and forth to the Clinic from the Hotel, Hasan, the Main Manager of SuzerMed, always sent me a VIP Mercedes “Vito” Business Interior Car , very safe and comfortable ! All Amazing ! The second Day of My stay, I did the operation. I arrived in Acibadem Clinic partner with SuzerMed Clinic ... And Hasan was waiting for me at the arrival. He introduced me to Dr.Fatih, and Dr.Fatih asked me how I wanted to have my hair transplant done.... and the shape of the hair line ... and, after that I explained him what I wanted, he carefully checked my health main informations (Pressure, Blood ...). After that they have got the needed health information, they took me to the Room where they decided to do the transplant, and they started to operate. The all Operation lasted 7/8 hours. The operation was not painfull at all ... but the Local Anestesy was obviously a little bit bothering and a little bit painful... but nothing tragic ! The operation started around 08:45 and Ended around 17:00. I have got around 4000 crafts... as promised. Enough to cover all my bald parts of the head. When the operation finished, i went back to the Hotel. The remaining days I was in the Hotel to relax taking care of myself and doing some simple medicaments. Sometimes I was walking to the Taksin Square (the Most Central Square on Istanbul). The Last day of my stay in lstanbul, I did the last control of the head, general medications and control of the tranplanted hairs with Dr.Fatih and Hasan. Then, I have been trained about how to take care of my Hair after the operation, how to wash my hair, what kind of products to use for having a better final result and several other technical information. Once I did the last control, I went to the Airport and flew back home. I can say that I have been tremendoulsly satisfied about everything ! I was surprised ... really much ... in Positive !!! Now I am back home, and every day I see My hair growing up ... and ... this is amazing too ! I want to suggest to everybody this Team of Professional Doctors and Managers. They know their job and they know how to take care of their patients. The Hair Tranpalnt has been very successfull ... and ... it shows ! So ... I do recommend SUZERMED ! Mario Milano,ITALY. mehr

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