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United Kingdom

November 2017


"The driver Raymond picked me up at the airport, and I was well looked after in every way. The Dentist Matt and Patient Manager Nuray were friendly and professional and explained everything to me step by step. I felt relaxed and was kept pain free. The facilities were clean and modern as was the equipment. I would highly recommend the service, and I will return for more treatment in the future. Chris from Qunomedical was brilliant, nothing was too much trouble for him when I asked. He found me flights, liaised with the dentist, arranged for me to have a panoramic scan locally. I felt confident going there because all my questions were answered and I had a perfect trip. Thank you."

Alison S.


November 2017

Bagatin Clinic

"I can't thank enough the wonderful team at Bagatin Clinic for having given me the confidence to smile again after my superb dental treatment. And there was so much to make me smile during my week in Zagreb! Everything and everyone far exceeded my expectations. Having chosen Croatia for my treatment for purely economic reasons, the cost being so much less than in my own country, I was not expecting such an amazing level of sophisticated treatment. I was treated by all the staff, from the wonderful​ Dr Radic and his assistant, Sandra, to the charming girls at Reception, and Tea Hitner,for whom nothing was too much trouble to organize during my stay, with the utmost kindness. The Hilton Hotel, directly next to the clinic, was fantastic, with an amazing health club, amongst the many other facilities it offered, so that my medical trip also turned into a wonderful , relaxing break. The Bagatin had obtained very preferential room rates, which was an added bonus! I find it difficult to criticize any aspect of my trip, though I would advise that you ensure that you have sufficient cash withdrawal on your card to cover the costs. I stupidly didn't, which required a few frantic phone calls to my bank, something I could have avoided with a little forethought. What more can I say? I loved the whole experience (even the few slightly painful moments!), and have no hesitation in giving a 100% recommendation to the Bagatin Clinic, who also carry out many other forms of cosmetic surgery and treatments. A final " thank you" to Quonomedical and Emma , who coordinated my trip, ensuring everything went smoothly for me. I was utterly spoiled, loved it all, and hope to return for cosmetic surgery. Yours,with a big smile, Alison S."

Abdihafeed O.

United Kingdom

September 2017


"Emma from Qunomedical was amazing and everything was lovely."


United Kingdom

December 2016


"All are very friendly at clinic, put me at my ease! No pain throughout all appointments. Results are better than I hoped for, the dental team are perfectionists. Will recommend to friends and family in England. Plan to return for more treatments. "



Smile Signature Bangkok

"This is one of the best dental experiences that I have received and I would highly recommend Smile Signature Clinic."


United States

Bangkok International Dental Center

"I’ve always had almost black teeth from antibiotic stains from the time I was a child and I did a lot of research and discovered that the best type of restoration would be solid ceramic crowns. Their availability in the United States is very limited and maybe three or four times the cost and I came to BIDC because of their reputation and I couldn’t be more pleased! I highly recommend Dr Arton for anybody who would want a beautiful white smile from the Land of Smiles."



Bangkok International Dental Center

"I’ve been very impressed by the extremely competent professionals, and also the very patient nurses, and the reception staff has always been helpful and considerate. I would recommend BIDC unreservedly."



Indexmedica Dental Clinic

"I would absolutely recommend Indexmedica for their professionalism, kindness, good service and the friendly and welcoming staff. I now have my dentist in Indexmedica, not in Norway. "

Angelika W.


Evergreen Dental

"Best service and best quality. I am flustered by their professionalism. I recommend them highly!"


United Kingdom

Forest & Ray London Dental Clinic

" Thank you for doing a great job. Justin"


United Kingdom

Forest & Ray London Dental Clinic

"Dear Forest and Ray, dear Nickolas, I don't know how to tell you how glad I am that I have found you! It is a miracle for me. I found this dentistry, which is always open, where everybody is kind and the prices are good. And I found the best dentist in the world who is a dental artist. He repaired all of my teeth as I would have been his own teeth. He always explains to me why and how he does the repair. I never felt pain under his supervision. I never felt the injections. So thank you for you, Nicholas! You are the best! Atila B. "



HappyDental Ireland

"I can not speak highly enough of the staff at Happy Dental. When I first enquired about the procedure I had a fantastic detailed explanation of the produce from Sean. Dr. O'Connor has been a complete professional and explained calmly every step even though I am a nervous patient. I have had almost no pain after the procedure which is a welcome change from other dental experiences. "

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