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Top Hospitals in San Jose

New Image Center is led by Dr. Jorge Badilla, a renowned plastic surgeon who operates in different medical centers in San José, Costa Rica. He is Internat... More Info
€ 3,370
Located in San Josè, Costa Rica, Meza Dental is a high-end cosmetic dentistry clinic. The whole team at Meza Dental is dedicated to providing each patient... More Info
Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, is the Rosenstock and Lieberman Cosmetic Surgery Center, which was founded in the 1980s by Drs. Noe Rosentock and Clara Lieb... More Info
Advanced Dentistry in Costa Rica is an excellent option for anyone seeking top quality dental care at an affordable price. Dental procedures in other countri... More Info
The office of Arnoldo Fournier assists patients who have a desire to cosmetically change their appearance or who are looking for reconstructive surgery. The ... More Info
The Barquero family has been practicing dentistry in Costa Rica for over 100 years. Today, Dr. Delfin Barquero is the lead dentist in DaVinci's Dental Care. ... More Info
If you are looking for an affordable and safe clinic to undergo plastic surgery abroad, Dr. Miguel Alfaro's Plastic Surgery Clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica, i... More Info
New Smile Dental Group can offer you the revolutionary dental care that will give you even more reason to smile. Located in beautiful San Jose, Costa Rica, t... More Info
Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic is your best choice for anti aging and medical tourism in this beautiful country. For med... More Info
Located in San Juan, Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica has received multiple accreditation from leading international organizations, including the American Academy... More Info
Accreditations are awarded to outstanding hospitals or clinics based on a set of high quality standards consistently met.

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