Aster Medcity makes a promise to all who visit. “We’ll treat you well” is their motto, and they propose to do this by giving you the best quality medical care every second that you are in their facility. The hospital has every possible type of medical professional available on campus, including doctors, nurses, dieticians and rehabilitation therapists. This highly trained staff works in the areas of cardiology, rheumatology, urology, nephrology, oncology, gastroenterology, hepatology, neuroscience and more.

The hospital was designed with patient comfort in mind as this 670-bed facility is impeccably clean and well-maintained. The rooms have large windows to ensure that each patient has a view of the outside, but the inside is equally as impressive. You have the option of staying in a ward that has been designed to ensure as much privacy as possible. The other rooms offer varying degrees of privacy, and they include rooms with two beds, one bed and larger rooms that contain refrigerators, microwave ovens, television sets and telephones. Those who wish to reside like kings and queens may choose a presidential suite that has a small kitchen, dining area and sitting room.

All treatments

Cardiovascular Procedures 

(13 procedures)


(53 procedures)
  • Root Canal Treatment - Anterior Tooth Inquire
  • Root Canal Treatment - Premolar Tooth Inquire

Lung Surgery 

(6 procedures)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Occupational Lung Diseases Inquire
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis Inquire
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