3 Reasons To Go For Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

Ifrah Khanyaree

Ifrah Khanyaree - Medical Content Writer

Posted Oct 24, 2018

“Sorry, we don’t cover this surgery" “It will be around €15,000” “Additional costs may apply” “There is some waiting time involved” “We do not offer this particular surgery”

Have you been hearing these statements every time you try to book your weight loss surgery? If you’re tired of waiting, then travelling abroad may finally help you achieve weight loss. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of people who are travelling to different countries for weight loss surgeries. Why do this, you ask? Well, there might be several reasons: your insurance may not fully cover the procedure you want, there is restricted access to it or, simply, the surgery is too expensive.

This is where travelling abroad for surgery comes in, and here are the reasons why it is a good idea to do so.

Reason 1: Top-quality no matter where you go

Hospitals and clinics in foreign countries offer services at par with the excellent service you may be getting in your home country. The hospitals are internationally accredited and have certified staff. The doctors and nurses have extensive experience with international patients.

Reason 2: Ease of access

Another question you may ask is, "Is it easy to get there?" Of course! We’re now living in a world where air travel has become easier and more accessible. Moreover, we’re now highly connected, which means that communications even across the globe are effortless. We at Qunomedical are here to make the entire process fuss-free for you by taking care of every booking and appointment. Our partner clinics offer pickup from the airport to the hotel and clinic, and there are packages available where hotel stay is also included. All you have to do is make sure you follow the pre-op guidelines and organize your flight. Additionally, after your treatment we’re here to make sure you are home safe and we will continue to keep tabs on your post-op health.

Reason 3: Low prices

Most people might think, "Ah, 50% of the price at home? This is definitely a scam!"- but here’s why the prices are so much lower: in most developing nations there is a huge workforce which leads to fairly lower wages than in developed countries. This, along with the cost of living, lower costs for amenities such as electricity, and a favorable exchange rate are the reasons why your gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico will cost €5,000 whereas in the UK it might be €15,000.

Take charge of your own health!

650 million people are obese in the world today and this number is fast growing. Most countries and health insurance providers do not yet consider this an issue. Obesity is not just about losing weight and looking good, it has severe effects on your heart, your joints and your mental health. You should not be put on a waitlist for a procedure that may save your life, or avoid it because you cannot afford it.

We at Qunomedical strongly believe that healthcare should be accessible for everyone, and should consider the needs of the patient before anyone else. We are here to make sure you only get top quality care at renowned clinics in order to be your best and healthiest self.


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