Clinic Spotlight: Hair Transplantation at Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul

In this article, we present one of our multi-disciplinary facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, and one of its hair transplant surgeons.

The Hospital

Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul is one of three locations of the Liv group of hospitals in Turkey. A multi-disciplinary facility spread over a 30,000 m2 facility, it offers services in several departments ranging from plastic surgery, to cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and oncology among others. Liv has received the ISO accreditation and has been awarded the JCI certification, a testament to their mission in providing excellent patient care. The hospital aims to evolve into one of the region’s most eminent health care institutions, and is working towards this with a team of highly experienced medical professionals. Liv also has a dedicated team working effortlessly towards making sure that international patients do not lack for anything and feel at home.

The hospital aims towards providing individualized care and quality services for their patients by using state-of-the-art technology and an extremely skilled and highly experienced team of doctors, nurses and other staff members. Liv also offers education and trainings for medical professionals, and urges its employees to regularly participate in research and scientific activity. With its commitment to excellence and constant efforts in achieving their goals, Liv is slowly making a name for itself in the healthcare industry.

Meet the doctor

Dr. Hamid Aydin, MD

Speciality: Hair transplantation
Operations in 2017: 840

Dr. Aydin is the Chief Physician and Founder of Estetistanbul Medical Center at Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul.

An interview with Dr. Aydin

What is your experience with international patients?

I met with my first international patient when I was working in Kuşadası 25 years ago. When we built Turkey's first medical tourism package obviously we had not expected it would have made a tremendous impact in the world. During my 25 years of professional life, I have laid the foundations of medical tourism in Turkey together with some colleagues, and I contributed to the development of medical tourism in and around Turkey. In this process, I realized the examination, treatment and operation of thousands of foreign patients from all over the world. Nowadays, we have reached a position where almost all of our patients are international patients. For this reason, we know exactly what an international patient needs to be satisfied and happy when they have healthcare abroad, and we build our entire organization on this.

What do you love about your job?

Patients may have different reasons for hair transplantation, but they have one thing in common: after the operation, their lives change. The happiness of contributing to this life-changing event makes me do my job with high motivation and energy.

Why do you think international patients come to you?

International patients look for a more experienced doctor and quality of service but also reasonable prices - and that’s why they explore options abroad. For this reason, they are contacting us to get the best and most experienced doctor and get the best quality of service according to their budgets. International patients prefer us thanks to our long-term experience in the field of hair transplantation, both as a doctor and as a team. Liv Hospital Ulus is JCI and TUV certified and fully equipped with high technology, bringing the hospital to the highest international standards. We offer a patient-focused service that really helped us become an internationally renowned facility.

Can you tell us about a memorable treatment with which you helped to improve a patient's life?

Approximately 5-10 years ago, I performed a hair transplantation to a long-distance sea captain. At that time, the number of grafts that could be extracted was maximum 2200-2300, and the patient had to undergo a second session. In the second session, I planned 2000 grafts for him. He changed a lot after the first session (nearly 1 year after surgery). I asked him whether or not his hair transplant had changed something in his life. He told me that his life changed a lot. I was very surprised and asked him in which way. He told me that his salary was increased a lot after the operation. I could not understand why he told me that because I thought, how can a salary be related to a hair transplantation? He told me that his manager called captains in the company one by one and gave them salary raises. When it was his turn, he told his manager that he wanted a higher raise than the one he was offered. The manager was surprised and asked why he wanted a higher raise than his colleagues. He replied by saying that he invested in himself and that he used to look 65 years old but now he looks around 50, and that he is more dynamic and energetic. His boss was impressed by his attitude and accepted what he wanted.

Honestly, I am very impressed when a man includes the operation I’ve done to him in a negotiation that helped him at work. It’s a memory I’ll never forget.


Dr. Aydin graduated with a medical degree in 1993 from Dicle University, Turkey. Following graduation, he completed his compulsory military service at Adiyaman Kahta. Since 2000, Dr. Aydin has been working in the field of Aesthetic Medicine in different cities across Turkey. He also holds training certificates in FUE hair transplant and other treatments.

Dr. Aydin also works with two more hair transplant specialists at Liv Hospital: Dr. Cihan Bandirmali, MD and Dr. Mahmut Cengiz, MD. For more information, check out our Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul clinic page, or get in touch!

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