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Posted May 21, 2019

by Maria Fedoruk

Business Development Analyst

Whenever we face the need for medical assistance, time is of the essence. For medical providers, it is a time to act and empower patients with all the available information to make an informed decision.

For bigger hospital groups it might be particularly challenging to maintain short response time, due to the complexity of staff structure and the high amount of requests. However, in today’s online world, a patient does not see how many people are behind your organisation. Patients move forward with clinics that instill trust and show reliability in fast communications and full support along a patient’s journey.


30% of patients book their treatments within two days of kicking off their communication with a medical provider. At Qunomedical, we regard clinics which manage to be industrious in a very short, intense period of time with patients "excellent in operations".

But what is it exactly what sets them apart? Here are the factors which we found to be true for becoming best in class in the inner workings of a medical provider.

Driver #1: Fast response

Healthcare has become more receptive to digital communication. Patients are looking or clinics to meet their needs online and collect invaluable feedback on their cases by means of email communication or via messenger services like SMS, Whatsapp or Facebook messages. While the instant nature of those services allow for fast reaction times it is important to decide to use which service for which purpose throughout the booking process. Whatsapp, SMS and other messengers are great to approve dates and notify about progress. Phone calls and emails however are indispensable for complex discussions or sending lengthy information on treatment quotes. Superior operational clinics have all channels at their disposal while also maintain clear cut process for using which service for which purpose. While looking for an answer at the exact moment, a faster response in the right channel either makes or breaks the case: patients trust clinics that acknowledge their requests and provide support within 24 hours or even faster in the most relevant channel for the user. Usually, patients inquire with multiple clinics and the first responder who gives an ultimate ready-to-go treatment plan, gets patient’s attention.

Based on our research, patients are most willing to book in the first 48 hours.



  • Offer a suite of contact channels to your patients (and Qunomedical) - define when to use which channel for which purpose

  • Set expectations on when patients will receive a response. It puts the patient’s mind at ease to know when they will be contacted by Qunomedical or your clinic again.

Did you know?

  • Qunomedical collects all the medical records and other relevant materials (e.g. photos) prior to contacting you. Our patient managers often only need to know whether your clinic would accept a patient case or not.

  • Qunomedical’s average response rate for a new patient inquiry is 2 minutes, maximum 5 minutes. Our most successful partner clinics also challenge themselves every day to keep similar response rates. We see a high correlation of bookings made and response rates below 5 minutes. How fast can you be?

Driver #2: Quality and comprehensive information

The patient today is empowered to receive a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. With the increased curation of medical offers online patients are enabled to inform themselves about high-quality options, in a matter of a few hours. Although treatment cases are complex and patients will never know the full scope of a medical treatments or implications, patients seek to take an active role in their healthcare journey. Their empowerment comes through getting to know the details of their proposed treatment plan and receiving comprehensive answers and explanations related to it. However, a long back-and-forth conversation on one case might not only help to clarify concerns, but sometimes even induce more uncertainty in the patient’s decision-making.

Reducing a number of such touchpoints (be it emails, messenger services or calls) in the communication with patients means providing them with enough information in the first place that they trust you to perform the treatment.


  • Have a standardised treatment plan you propose to patients. Bundled together with information vital to booking a treatment, most obstacles and worries are taken away from a patient.

  • Have well-defined guidelines on what you need for patient qualification and share it upfront with patients and your partner Qunomedical. The more information on qualification that you share upfront, the less the amount of follow up questions and uncertainty.

Did you know?

  • “Healthcare professionals should automatically refer to patient organisation to help the patient to better understand their own disease (professionals often don't have enough time to make sure that the patient understands everything).” -- Patients’ Perceptions of Quality in Healthcare Report, 2017

  • Qunomedical takes away unnecessary touch points between you and patients by qualifying patients first, communicating with patients based on the information you have provided, and funnelling only crucial questions to you.

Driver #3: Cooperative review of patient cases

Every case is unique and complex in its nature. The more inquiries a clinic gets, the higher possibility there is that patients will get back after the treatment with multiple questions about the progress checks and the treatment outcome. In case of any complaints or negative feedback, clinics should be ready to deal with it and help patients out. Post-treatment complaints are an expected part of the treatment outcome discussions. There is never a 100% guarantee on medical outcomes, however, clinics should strive for ultimate patient satisfaction.


  • Manage patient’s expectations. Provide patients with a post-treatment document and guidelines on how to deal with the most frequent post-treatment challenges.

  • Act fast. Qunomedical found that 95% of escalations can be prevented from staying open for more than two days if you react to escalations within the first hour of complaint received.

Did you know?

  • Qunomedical has a Clinic Relationships team who oversees the timely resolution of patient cases and the process of streamlining touch points between Qunomedical, your clinic, and a patient.


Qunomedical is the trusted resource on the internet for patients across the world looking to find the right doctors and treatments - based on criteria that matter to them. Contact us now to become partners.

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