How Do Patients Choose a Clinic Online?

Posted May 17, 2019

by Maria Fedoruk

Business Development Analyst

Here at Qunomedical, we help patients make informed decisions when searching for a high-quality medical provider for their treatment needs. Over the past years, we have seen evolving patterns in what patients look for when researching clinics online.

Qunomedical explores in depth the five criteria we have found that create the trust and confidence our patients value when choosing their medical provider.

  • Quality is the prime factor for any clinic assessment. Qunomedical works only with highly certified specialists in the healthcare industry. No one can compromise on their health, and the least we can offer to our patients is an informative choice from the specialised partner clinic network, vetted by our Business Development & Clinic Relationships team through the Qunoscore.

  • Operational Excellence shows patients that the clinic is reliable and ready to take care of their case. When a clinic can provide us and our patients with transparent and concise individual plans within a short amount of time and accommodate to patient’s questions, we consider them to be excellent in their operational day-to-day business.

  • Comprehensive Packages ease the process of booking for patients. Travelling to another country - or even to another city - involves an element of uncertainty. Clinics should strive to bring seamless experience to all patients and give greater peace of mind.

  • Price is oftentimes regarded as the deciding factor. Yet, what matters is not a low cost but a market competitive and transparent offer. While searching online, patients are swamped with various prices that may or may not include all essential parts. Qunomedical partner clinics are guided by the “no hidden costs” principle.

  • Location plays an important role. Although the patients flow depends on how reachable destination is from international airports, it is equally important to provide transportation services from closely located airports and arrange hotel within a clinic’s reach. Taking advantage of own location for patient’s convenience makes clinics stand out by providing meaningful experience, on top of medical excellence.


Qunomedical is the trusted resource on the internet for patients across the world looking to find the right doctors and treatments - based on criteria that matter to them. Contact us now to become partners.

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