Quality in the Centre of Patient Experience

Posted May 21, 2019

by Maria Fedoruk

Business Development Analyst

Here at Qunomedical, we have identified five criteria that create trust and confidence which our patients value when choosing their medical provider. They constantly rate the service which we and our partner clinics provide as “outstanding” and we would like to share with you these insights that bring ultimate patient satisfaction.

Patients tend to have their individual understanding of quality and what it entails. Yet, they always ask us here at Qunomedical, three questions that enhance their trust in medical providers.

Experience of former patients.

Every patient case is highly individual. Yet, patient experience stories are what translates medical care and quality to other people who are in search of high quality medical providers. There is no clinic with a perfect top score. Therefore, the experience of former patients gives patients-to-be a new perspective: they can see how a certain level of care aligns with their needs and start a conversation with you.

Before-after photos are another contributing factor, which allows others to see the progression of patient cases. Reviews, together with before-after photos, complete the picture for patients and, unlike patient satisfaction surveys, indicate medical quality by providing the link with the patient outcomes.

Comparable third-party certifications.

High quality patient care is based on various healthcare standards, such as professional quality of medical staff, internal processes, and organisational structure to name a few. Patients rely on national and international certifications which prove that a medical provider meets industry standards.

However, excellent provision of care at clinics is not limited by hospital accreditations. The closest entity to patients is their doctors. Doctors must match the specialisation that an individual case requires, which is also supported by the years of experience and additional certifications respectively. Having well-trained medical staff is the most important criterion for high quality healthcare for respondents in 21 EU countries.

Transparent & accessible information.

The patient’s perspective on their own conditions or knowledge of treatments is derived from daily experience. Therefore, patients seek to take an active role in their care via meaningful involvement where their needs and preferences are in the centre of healthcare experience. According to the European Patients Forum report, patient empowerment comes through accessible high quality information and by building health literacy, highly relevant to patient safety and quality.

For clinics, the other aspect of transparency is their openness and honesty when it comes to patient’s wishes and preferences. In the social media age, a clinic’s openness is reflected in how interactions with patients are facilitated, especially if it concerns any negative materials online.

Patients rank Qunomedical and their partner clinics as world class.

How likely are treated patients to recommend your clinics to their family and friends? Using Net Promoter Score (NPS), Qunomedical measures how satisfied patients feel with our partner clinics.

NPS score above zero is deemed as good, a NPS higher than 50 points is considered excellent, whereas anything over 70 points is exceptional.

For us at Qunomedical, quality is an essential part of clinic assessment. Experience of former patients, certifications, and clinic transparency are not easy to leverage in the online marketplace - yet we are ready to help. Get in touch with Qunomedical on how we can improve it together!


Qunomedical is the trusted resource on the internet for patients across the world looking to find the right doctors and treatments - based on criteria that matter to them. Contact us now to become partners.

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