Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Qunomedical Edition

Christmas is the ultimate holiday. Amongst the carols, the decorations and spending time with loved ones - there is also the customary gift giving. Be it the small stocking stuffers or the grand surprises, Christmas is the perfect time to show someone you care. Over time though, giving gifts has gone from being something that people looked forward to, to a dreaded chore on their to-do list. So, in keeping with the Christmas spirit of helping, Qunomedical presents its Gift Guide 2018 - if you’re spending money, then spend it smartly. Instead of a few small things, this year go big and give someone the gift of health.

#1 For the one who has been avoiding the doctor

Health Check-up ($)

Throw a little slip of paper in their stocking with the appointment that you have set for a general health check-up along with another cute gift, so they know you mean well!

#2 For the one who avoids smiles in family photos

Veneers ($$)

Qunomedical partners with some of the top dental clinics across the world, who offer veneer packages at very affordable prices and with a quality paralleling top clinics in the US or UK.

#3 For the one who needs a confidence boost

Liposuction ($$ - $$$)

You may have a family member or friend who works hard on their body and keeps a strict check on their diet but their body is not showing the results reflecting the work they are putting in. This may be because of their age or due to genetics and related conditions. Liposuction is a widely popular and safe treatment, which can prove successful in giving your family/friend the body they have worked for, and with it peace of mind and a self-esteem boost.

#4 For the one who needs overall mental and physical health support

Weight Loss Surgery ($$$)

Know of a loved one has been working hard to lose excess weight but due to various reasons, ranging from extreme time constraints to illness to financial limitations, they just can't seem to do so? This Christmas, set up a consultation for them for a weight loss surgery with some of the best bariatric surgeons in the world for prices that won’t break the bank. It's not just about how they feel or look physically, but about their mental health. So they can look forward to the next holiday season without feeling stressed.

#5 For the one who needs to smile more often

Teeth Whitening ($)

Teeth whitening is a fairly simple procedure, that will leave your loved one with a smile as bright as their shining personality.

#6 For the one who has already spent too much on hair growth elixirs

Hair Transplant ($$ - $$$)

Have a friend whose hairline gives Prince William’s a run for his money? Then, it’s time they got the gift of a hair transplant. Qunomedical has partnered with the best hair clinics, and together we are here to provide you with options to suit every budget.

#7 For the one who is young at heart

Botox ($$)

Have a friend who has been upset about how their face makes them look older than they actually feel? Then, botox may be an option to consider. It is a fairly quick and simple procedure and has no associated recovery time. This Christmas, your friend/family member can confidently be a part of all the Christmas photos.

In summary, the goal of the post is to present to you (in a light-hearted manner) the importance of ‘gifts’ that are longer-lasting and a better investment. Be it for yourself, a family member or a friend.


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About the author

Ifrah Khanyaree, Medical Content Writer

Ifrah is a recent graduate in psychology and neuroscience with a penchant for extensively researching and writing content that is honest and accessible.

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