Qunomedical: New name, same mission, stronger vision

Our goal is providing everyone with access to the world’s best hospitals and doctors, and we do that keeping our patients at the center of everything we do.

Over the last 1.5 years, we’ve vetted hundreds of high-quality facilities and skilled professionals and made them available on our platform.

We’ve followed our patients on their journeys facing their same challenges, and we’ve worked on improving our service day by day to not only meet our patients’ needs but exceed their expectations.

While we pursue to establish ourselves as the leading platform for easy and affordable access to outstanding medical care worldwide, we have chosen an even better name to define our vision: Qunomedical.

Derived from the Latin verb quaerere (engl.: search, seek), Qunomedical reflects the empowered patients who turn to Qunomedical to find the best possible medical care worldwide. Qunomedical’s CEO & founder Dr. Sophie Chung: “As a doctor, I’ve always felt strongly about the need to improve access to high-quality healthcare combined with affordable options and no wait times. Qunomedical aims at making this a reality for everyone. Not only does our new name embrace our mission, it also reflects how we’re evolving while keeping our patients first, as we’ve always done.”

A new logo comes along with our new name, which visualizes the vision to simplify access to healthcare and focus on the patient. The magnifying glass reflects our mission to make medical options visible to patients worldwide.

Qunomedical stands for patient-centered care, reliability, and medical expertise. Most importantly, Qunomedical’s fundamental belief that everybody in this world deserves easy access to the best possible care remains and continues to shape our mission.

We are still the professional, reliable, and patient-centric platform you’ve been counting on till now, and we continue to make the best medical care available to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Find the right specialist at a fraction of the cost.

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About the author

Maria Fedoruk, Business Development Analyst

Maria builds our network of qualified specialists in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia to improve accessibility to healthcare for our patients.

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