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The Clinic

MDental Clinic is based in the bustling city of Budapest, Hungary. The ISO accredited clinic has received numerous accolades, including the ‘Best in Budapest’ as well as the Superbrand award.

MDental focuses on providing affordable and top quality care by following standards and regulations that are present in dental centers in the UK and US. This, along with their experienced and skilled team of professionals working with material acquired from prestigious brands ensures that you will achieve the highest level of satisfaction. The clinic caters to a large amount of international patients and offers a quality guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re in safe hands!

Meet the dentist

Dr. Judit Czene, DDS

Speciality: Cosmetic and Prosthetic Dentistry

An interview with Dr. Czene

What is your experience with international patients?

I worked in the UK for 10 years where I have seen patients from abroad every week.

What do you love about your job?

To help people to get a better life and improve their confidence.Also to help them to be pain-free.

Why do you think international patients come to you?
Number one reason is financial , second one is quality of care.Most international patients are very grateful for the time we spend with them.

Can you tell us about a memorable treatment with which you helped a patient to get a better life?

I had a patient with terrible teeth due to lack of finance and confidence to go the dentist and also of being very scared of needles. The first time she came to me she was crying as soon as she entered the surgery. After spending time with her and discussing the treatment she needed, she trusted me and came back to have all the work done. She said I healed her fear of the dentist.


Dr. Czene graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at University of Debrecen. She has over 10 years of experience working in the field of aesthetic as well as prosthetic dentistry, performing treatments such as veneers, dental crowns and dental implants.

Having worked in the UK, she has also accumulated enough experience with international patients and speaks fluent English and Hungarian. Part of several organizations and associations, Dr. Czene has also participation in workshops and courses nationally and internationally.

Budapest as a travel destination

Budapest is a thriving city, a perfect amalgamation of old charm and young trends. There you will find centuries old buildings and hipster restaurants, tied together with stunning baths that are the heart and soul of Budapest. Well connected and easily accessible to most cities in Europe, make Budapest any traveller’s dream destination.


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