Clinic Spotlight: Hair Transplantation at Dr. Borejsza Clinic

Read on to find out about our hair transplant clinic in Poland!

The Clinic

Dr. Borejsza’s Hair Transplantation Clinic was founded by Dr. Maciej Borejsza and is located in the town of Ruda Śląska. He has been practicing in the field of FUE hair transplantations since 2014 and is a member of the prestigious International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. In addition he is also a member of the Silesian Medical Chamber, FUE Europe and Polish Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

The clinic itself has numerous qualified personnel assisting Dr. Borejsza and the patients at every step of the procedure. They pride themselves on their individual approach to their patients, and always maintaining the top quality of service. Dr. Borejsza places a special focus on safety and on caring for his patients, both before and after the surgery. He personally also performs every single transplant.

Meet the doctors

Dr. Maciej Borejsza, MD

Specialty: Hair transplantation
Operations in 2018: 100-130

Dr. Borejsza is a Hair Transplant Specialist at Dr. Borejsza Clinic.

An interview with Dr. Borejsza

What is your experience with international patients?
I have good experience with international patients since I've been working with them, and since 2015. Most are from the UK, Ireland, Germany, but even from as far away as Australia or US.

What do you love about your job?
Oh, the effects and how it can change patients lives! But before that happens, it's like building something new from tiny bricks. Each graft needs to be placed at the correct angle and depth to look natural. I know that many people wouldn't have enough patience to do such things, but somehow it gives me excitement and joy. Each patient is different, each patient's hair is different and so are the expectations, needs and sometimes possibilities. I can take my time in learning the patient and treat him the best I can for his needs.

Why do you think international patients come to you?
International patients seek lower price without loss of quality, and this is what they get here. Prices in countries like Ireland, US or UK may be several times higher than Poland, but we also have strict rules and regulations as is the case in all EU countries.

Can you tell us about a memorable treatment with which you helped to improve a patient's life?
It's very hard to pick one. Humility is something we must never forget about in this field but pride is when you see a young man coming back to you after two years with his fiancee. A fiancee he got because he finally got rid of his low self esteem. Pride is when a gentleman in his late 50s comes for a follow-up and says that he's got a "new quality of life". At the peak of what he could achieve in his life, he was still missing what he missed all this time... hair. Such moments will always stay in my memories.


Dr. Borejsza graduated with a medical degree from the University of Lublin in 2011. He then practiced in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Municipal Hospital in Zabrze from 2012-2018. He also participated in a hair transplantation course at Klinika Kolasinski in 2014. Following this, he started practicing as a hair restoration surgeon full-time at Medimix clinic from 2015 - 2018.

In November of 2018, he founded his own clinic in Poland and now heads it performing FUE hair transplantation. Dr. Borejsza is a member of the ISHRS, the Silesian Medical Chamber, FUE Europe and the Polish Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Ruda Śląska as a travel destination

Ruda Śląska is a charming city located in southern Poland with a population of around 2 million people. Historically an industrial city, you can still find the Halemba coal mine there that has been in operation since the 19th century. It is now part of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union, the largest recognised urban area in Poland.

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