Clinic Spotlight: Plastic Surgery at KCM Clinic

Read on to find out about a top clinic in Poland and meet its plastic surgeon!

The Clinic

KCM Clinic is a private clinic located near the stunning Karkonosze mountains in Poland. The clinic now offers services in over 10 different medical fields from bariatrics to spine surgery. Since being founded in 2006, the clinic works in close cooperation with the Polish Public Health Services (NFZ). It also has a partnership with the US-based Sanford Health. Along with receiving the ISO certification in 2009, the clinic’s bariatric surgery, gynaecology, and spine surgery departments have also received the GCR international accreditation. Additionally, in 2018 the bariatric surgery department was ranked at number 1 in the "Top 10 bariatric surgery clinics and hospitals in the world". The clinic places importance on the use of medical technology and meets all EU standards for patient services.

In order to foster exchange of knowledge and cooperation, KCM hosts regular international conferences and workshops. They are also a partner centre of excellence for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Olympus, Zimmer Biomet, and more. KCM prioritizes individualized care, and works effortlessly towards advancing their medical knowledge and services.

Meet the doctors

Dr. Marta Wilczyńska-Staniu

Specialty: Breast surgeries and abdominoplasty
Operations in 2018: 500

Dr. Wilczyńska-Staniu is a Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist at KCM Clinic.

An interview with Dr. Wilczyńska-Staniu

What is your experience with international patients?
95% of patients in the last 6 years of my experience were all from abroad. Now it is at about 75%. So I mainly work with international patients and have for some time now. I enjoy working with people from all around the world.

What do you love about your job?
Generally, I love everything about my job. I love all of what I do from helping patients decide on which procedure suits them best in consultations to actual surgery to holding conferences and live surgeries with other experts in this field.

Why do you think international patients come to you?
I think there are two reasons why international patients come to me for their plastic surgery. The price with me is very affordable and at the same time, I provide a very high quality of my job and therefore their results.

Can you tell us about a memorable treatment with which you helped to improve a patient's life?
Patients come to me for different kinds of surgeries. When patients are very happy with the results of their surgeries, this leaves me with a high satisfaction from my job and keeps me inspired to continuously learn and grow in my field.


Dr. Marta Wilczyńska-Staniul graduated with her medical degree from Pomeranian Medical University in 1994. By 2004 she had completed her specialization in general surgery, and by 2010 she had received her specialization in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. She started working in the department of plastic surgery at Gryfice hospital, and has since then accumulated 25 years worth of experience in this field. She now heads the plastic surgery department at KCM Clinic specialising in abdominoplasty and breast surgeries (augmentation, reduction and lift).

Dr. Wilczyńska-Staniul is a Polish Leading Expert in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and an Expert in Plastic Surgery for Baxter Co. She has performed over 10,000 aesthetic and plastic surgeries through her work life. Dr. Wilczyńska-Staniul is also a member of many prestigious medical associations such as - the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the Association of Polish Surgeons and the Polish Burns Treatment Association.

Jelenia Góra as a travel destination

Jelenia Gora is located at the south-western edge of Poland in the Lower Silesia region. Close to the Krkonoše mountain range, offering spots for ski resorts, hiking and national parks makes it a perfect place to recuperate. The city offers beautiful historical architecture in the forms of palaces and churches, and many leisure spots.

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