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The Clinic

Founded in 2006, KCM is an ISO-certified private clinic. Located in the beautiful Lower Silesia region in Poland, it offers services in over 10 different medical fields from bariatrics to spine surgery. The clinic works in cooperation with the Polish Public Health Services (NFZ) and also has a partnership with the US-based Sanford Health. KCM thus prides itself on providing a comprehensive and personal level of care whilst working towards advancing their medical knowledge and services.The clinic’s bariatric surgery, gynaecology, and spine surgery departments have also received the GCR international accreditation. Additionally, in 2018 the bariatric surgery department was ranked at number 1 in the "Top 10 bariatric surgery clinics and hospitals in the world".

KCM hosts regular international conferences and workshops to foster exchange of knowledge and cooperations. They are also a partner centre of excellence for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Olympus, Zimmer Biomet, and more. The clinic has a dedicated team dealing with international patients and ensuring that they are well taken care of. KCM places importance on the use of medical technology, meets the EU standards for patient services and ensures that every patient coming to KCM, leaves happier and healthier.

Meet the doctors

Dr. Grzegorz Kowalski

Specialty: Bariatric Surgery Operations in 2018: 600

Dr. Kowalski is the Head of the Centre of Bariatric Surgery at KCM Clinic.

What are your experiences with international patients?
I have over 5 years of experience working with International patient. I have done more than 1,000 operations on international patients. People from all around the world come to Poland to have surgery with my team and I.

What do you like about your work?
I like everything about my work but I love surgery the most. I'm very happy giving my patients a chance to start a new life. That is why I do what I do and why I love everything about it.

Why do you think international patients come to you?
I think that international patients come to me because they feel safe. They not only feel safe with me but also with my entire team. Together, we have many years of experience and knowledge that we are very proud of. This, along with our commitment and empathy towards every patient, is why patients come to me.

What is the patient case you are most fond of?
It would be very difficult to choose just one case as each patient is always different. However, I can say that I like challenges in surgery so I am most proud when I have helped a patient with a particularly difficult case. And of course, I never forget about the patient's safety. This is the most important thing in Bariatric Surgery.


Dr. Kowalski received his medical degree in 1994 from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. He continued in his specialisation in general surgery at hospitals in Bytom, Chorzow and Katowice and has been the Head of Bariatric Surgery at KCM Clinic since 2011. Dr. Kowalski has performed over 10,000 Laparoscopic Procedures with the lowest post-surgery infection rate associated with obesity surgery (0.01%).

He is an Expert in Advanced Bariatric Surgery for Covidien Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson as well as an Expert in Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery for Olympus. His work has been presented at numerous scientific congresses including the Polish Society of Surgeons and the German Association of Endocrine Surgeons and been published in the Journal General and Professional Education and Polish Surgical review, among others.

Dr. Kowalski is a member of the Polish Medical Association as well as the Videosurgery and Metabolic and Bariatric Sections of the Association of Polish Surgeons. He specialises in gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric band and revision surgeries.

Dr. Andrzej Budzyński

Specialty: Bariatric and endocrine surgery
Operations in 2018: 500

Dr. Budzyński is a Bariatric Surgery Specialist at KCM Clinic.

An interview with Dr. Budzyński

What is your experience with international patients?
For about a year now, I have been working for the first time with International patients at KCM Clinic. My experience with having International patients is quite limited however, it is very interesting meeting people from different parts of the world and I enjoy working with these patients.

What do you love about your job?
Sometimes, I find my job to be quite stressful and demanding but I am always reminded again when meeting with patients that there is a reason that I do what I do and that is to help people. The results for a patient is strongly related to doctors personal actions, skill level, amount of training and time spent in the OR which means I need to be the best possible surgeon for my patients. This is why I do what I do.

Why do you think international patients come to you?
KCM Clinic in Jelenia Góra is well known around the world for bariatric and plastic surgery. I think International patients feel comfortable coming to us for a number of reasons and one of them being that we have extremely experienced surgeons on our team.

Can you tell us about a memorable treatment with which you helped to improve a patient's life?
This is a difficult question to answer for me because a patient for me is never just a case. If I have done my job well and helped a patient get their life back then this is something to be fond of.


Dr. Andrew Budzyński graduated from Jagiellonian University Medical College. He is currently the bariatric surgery specialist at KCM Hospital and the head of the department of surgery at Jagiellonian University.

He has been training in the field of endocrine and bariatric surgery since 1992, and has also furthered his knowledge in the field by participating in numerous courses and internships internationally. He has also done extensive scientific work, published in national and international journals and participated in several conferences.

Dr. Budzyński is a member of several medical associations such as the Polish Society of Gastroenterology, the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders, European Association for Endoscopic Surgery among others.

Dr. Piotr Major

Specialty: Bariatric Surgery Operations in 2018: 600

Dr. Major is a Bariatric Surgery Specialist at KCM Clinic.

An interview with Dr. Major

What is your experience with international patients?
I am a member of the KCM Clinic team where we treat international patients on a daily basis. I have also participated in many international fellowships and courses in well know European hospitals with Doctors and patients from around the world.

What do you love about your job?
There are many things that I love about my job including access to modern medicine at KCM Clinic with unlimited learning and training opportunities. I love helping my bariatric patients start a new life, however, I find all my work very important to each individual patient, whether bariatric or oncological or otherwise. I have a very high level of job satisfaction.

Why do you think international patients come to you?
I believe that international patients come to me for my professional care, my use of modern techniques, my academic experience as well as my young age and open mind. They also come to KCM Clinic for our polish hospitality and family atmosphere.

Can you tell us about a memorable treatment with which you helped to improve a patient's life?
I am very proud of all my patients but there have been a few in particular that really stuck with me and remind me why I do what I do. I had a patient once who was 350 kg when he came to me for surgery. This patient went on after bariatric treatment to run a marathon. I also had 2 separate patients who, after bariatric surgery, became pregnant despite information from the gynecologist that they will never have children.


Dr. Major graduated with a medical degree from Jagiellonian University Medical College in 2009. In 2010 he finished his residency in the department of endoscopic, metabolic and soft tissue tumors surgery at the University Hospital in Krakow. In 2014, Dr Major received his PhD from the Faculty of Medicine at Jagiellonian University Medical College. He has since over 800 Bariatric Procedures with the lowest post-surgery infection rate associated with Obesity surgery. He has also performed nearly 1000 other laparoscopic procedures. He is a European Leading Expert in Weight Loss Surgery and an Expert in Advanced Bariatric Surgery for Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic.

Dr. Major is a member of the International Federation for Obesity Surgery (IFSO), Member of International Bariatric Club and the Fellow of European Board of Surgery (FEBS). He has also published in several scientific journals and participated in many conferences.

Dr. Major specialises in gastric sleeve gastric bypass and gastric revisional surgery. He also performs general surgeries, specifically - gallbladder surgery, hernia surgery as well as oncological surgeries.

Jelenia Góra as a travel destination

Jelenia Gora is located at the south-western edge of Poland in the Lower Silesia region. Close to the Krkonoše mountain range, offering spots for ski resorts, hiking and national parks makes it a perfect place to recuperate. The city offers beautiful historical architecture in the forms of palaces and churches, and many leisure spots.

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