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Yanhee Hospital

"After having years of heavy breasts and not being able to enjoy running and playing with my kids. Even driving in a car gave me trouble with large breasts. I am so grateful for the help of all the people and Dr. Pramote at Yanhee Hospital for giving me a better lifestyle. I can now enjoy my kids and exercise to the fullest. Everyone at Yanhee are the most amazing people. I can't thank you all enough. "



Yanhee Hospital

"After so many years of back, neck, and shoulder pain, I decided to undergo a breast reduction surgery. I am happy that I found Dr. Pramote and Yanhee Hospital. I am completely satisfied with all the services at Yanhee and Dr. Pramote's abilities, skills, and politeness are great. Thank you very much."



Yanhee Hospital

"I had really big boobs and I was told by my doctors to look at getting a Breast Reduction. But when I looked into in Australia it was too expensive so I kept living with my back and neck pain. Couldn't go to the gym because of my back pain. So I looked into getting it done in Thailand where it was a lot cheaper and was told that they are really nice people. So I came here and got it done. The people in the hospital are so nice and friendly, helped me through the whole thing, made sure I was alright."



Yanhee Hospital

"I was extremely happy with the assistance, with the friendly staff, hygiene. Was a 10 out of 10 standard. I would recommend to all to attend Yanhee Hospital for all procedures they wish to have. Very nice."



Yanhee Hospital

"The hospital is very good, the nurses are very sweet and professional and my surgeon Dr. Somsak did an amazing job. I was very well taken care of and they have all my gratitude for being so good to me. I recommend Yanhee Hospital with my eyes closed, to anyone who seek a top of the line service with good hygiene, technique and professionalism. Thank you. Keep the good work. You changed my life. "

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