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British Hungarian Medical Service

Located in Budapest, Hungary

British Hungarian Medical Service is a leader in providing dental services for visitors to Budapest. Although the service was initially created to specifically treat British patients, it has become a top location for tourists from across Europe to obtain dental and orthodontic services while in Hungary. Founded in 2005, British Hungarian Medical Service offers a full range of services, from dental hygiene to oral surgery. Patients can trust the highly regarded professionals at British Hungarian Medical Service to provide the best in dentistry care at reasonable prices, whether they require an emergency tooth extraction or want to schedule a cosmetic procedure like teeth whitening.

Ideally located in an upscale residential neighborhood, British Hungarian Medical Service is easily accessible. To make the 30-minute drive to and from the airport more convenient, a complimentary taxi service is made available to all patients. As an added convenience, patients are provided with a free shuttle to the nearby Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments. Margaret Island, a peaceful park boasting medieval ruins and landscaped gardens is just 15 minutes away by car. British Hungarian Medical Service provides patients with everything they need to obtain the dental care they require while enjoying a trip to beautiful and historic Hungary.

General Information


None None Dr. Attila Halasz

Dr. Attila Halasz

None None Dr. Agnes Holler

Dr. Agnes Holler

None None Dr. Janos Schmidt

Dr. Janos Schmidt

None None Dr. Balazs Kozik

Dr. Balazs Kozik

None None Dr. Krisztina Zoltan

Dr. Krisztina Zoltan

None None Viktoria Vicze

Viktoria Vicze

None None Dr. Zsuzsanna Roland

Dr. Zsuzsanna Roland

None None Dr. Andrea Lukacs

Dr. Andrea Lukacs


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1162 Budapest, Attila u. 68 Budapest, Hungary



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