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Hi! I'm Sophie, founder and CEO of Qunomedical. Our mission is to fundamentally transform how patients access and experience healthcare globally.

What sets us apart is the trust we place in every single team member to make a meaningful contribution every day. You will be part of an international, diverse, and highly professional young team, backed by top-notch investors.

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We believe that the ultimate healthcare choice of what to do, where to go, and with whom to have a procedure, is made easier when you have someone you trust by your side. Qunomedical strives to be that someone for patients. Our goal is to be the trusted partner through our patients' healthcare experience and to open the doors to the highest quality information, doctors, clinics, and care — worldwide.  No two patients are alike. From their medical needs to their emotional demands and comfort levels, everyone has different priorities when it comes to handling their healthcare. For some, it’s getting an appointment quickly. Others might need a treatment that doesn’t break the bank. Alternatively, it can be about feeling in control of their process by having all the facts before walking into the clinic. But the common goal for everyone is knowing that you’re ultimately choosing from the highest quality healthcare available, be it booking an appointment down the street or halfway across the globe.  All too often, our health systems follow a one-size-fits-all approach, leaving patients to fend for themselves with too little treatment information, long waiting times, and no individualized care support. Founded in 2015, Qunomedical is here to change that. 

Meet the Team

Our team is multilingual, multinational, and multitalented. We are customer service specialists, marketers, lawyers, writers, data scientists, engineers, designers, and yes — doctors! Coming from a variety of backgrounds, we each bring a passion for improving the way our patients access healthcare.

Meet our core team members below.






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Medical Affairs


Sales Operations


Sales & Patient Care


Country Manager Germany


Country Manager Benelux

Our Departments

Happy patients mean a happy Sales & Patient Care Team! They make sure that patients get their healthcare journey just right, from beginning to the end and beyond.

Speaking 24 languages, they're the core of Qunomedical and are united by one goal: To help patients experience healthcare easily, confidently, and seamlessly.

Our Sales Operations Team make sure that everything runs smoothly in the background. This allows our Patient Care Team to focus on helping our patients to find the right doctors worldwide. 

From managing Salesforce, to maintaining our VoIP system, to training our Patient Managers — our Sales Ops team is a vital cog in the Quno machine. Simply put, we would be one big mess without them!

Our BD Team is on a mission to select the highest-quality hospitals and doctors around the world for our patients!

They feel strongly about the current shortcomings of worldwide healthcare systems and think it's about time that patients started benefiting from first-class, affordable treatments, regardless of where they live.

Our Design, Engineering, and Product (DEP) Team is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. By building smart technology, they are working hard to transform healthcare and simplify patients' lives.

One might say they love nothing more than magic-UX-moments and flawless code, but Team DEP's focus is on creating an exceptional experience and a secure journey for everyone using our products.

The number one goal of our Marketing Team? To spread the word about Qunomedical!

Including paid, SEO, content, community, CRM, and PR, our marketeers make sure that every aspect of our global presence reflects our values and DNA. Our Marketing Team has a true passion for helping patients and love hearing their feedback. With their gift of being able to put complex matters into simple words, they make it easy for patients to discover affordable treatments around the world.

We like to think of our People & Culture Team as the kind soul of Quno. They not only ensure that everything runs smoothly, so that we can focus on helping our patients, but are also responsible for recruiting the very best talent to join our team.

And don't forget our legendary Quno-parties - the People & Culture Team has proven that these also work remotely! 🥳 

Our Medical Affairs Team is our medical backbone. They deal with complex patient cases, training other teams, and making sure that all of the information that we put out there is accurate.

They truly care about every single patient and know how important it is to push for patient-centric innovation in healthcare.

Our BI Team is our mastermind when it comes to data. They love knowing that they are helping everyone find exactly the information they are looking for, continuously improving our service.

By ensuring our processes and reporting run smoothly, we can focus on helping patients find high-quality, affordable care.

Our Finance Team spend their day doing what they love most: Making sure that the Marketing Team doesn't overspend — just kidding!

They ensure that all financial aspects of Quno run smoothly so that we can focus on giving our patients the best support possible.

Are you looking to be part of an inspiring and motivated team at a well-funded start-up that wants to set a new standard on how patients access healthcare worldwide? Qunomedical is seeking true rockstars who are willing to take on responsibility in a powerful, fast-paced environment. Apply today and help to create something unique by ensuring that all patients receive the care they deserve!

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