Dentapoint Guarantee for Dental Treatments and Materials

Terms of Guarantee

This Guarantee and its terms apply to the use of Dentapoint’s dental medical services by individuals.

Dental implants, which are placed into the bone, have a lifetime guarantee.
Crowns (e.g. zirconia, metal-based, porcelain etc.), which are placed on the top of the implants (including abutments which provide the connection between the implants and crowns) as well as veneers and bridges have a 7-year guarantee.
Prostheses and dentures have a 5-year guarantee.

How to put a Guarantee procedure in motion?

Initially you can send a report including pictures of the affected dental area to Dentapoint or your 3rd party provider which assisted you with your treatment at Dentapoint. The medical staff of Dentapoint will examine if the terms of the Guarantee apply.

Potential medical revision and coverage under the Guarantee

If the medical staff of Dentapoint comes to the conclusion that the terms of the Guarantee apply, you might get offered the opportunity to get a revision treatment in Turkey including the coverage of the following items: Treatment costs and related material costs will be covered if the terms of the Guarantee are met.
If you are requested to stay in Turkey longer than expected or fly back to Turkey in order to do the revision treatment, flight costs will be covered up to 100 GBP/110 EUR and accommodation expenses up to 85 GBP/95 EUR.

If you are back in your home country, there are certain costs which will be covered by the Guarantee if the medical staff of Dentapoint comes to the conclusion that the terms of the Guarantee apply. Dentapoint allocates for minor repairs by a local dentist e.g. re-cementing crowns and veneers up to 40 GBP/45 EUR and broken crowns and veneers up to 140 GBP/155 EUR.

Dentapoint is not liable for any problem which was not visible on the patient's x-ray, and was not foreseeable or predictable, at the time of treatment at Dentapoint.

Scenarios in which the terms of the Guarantee do not apply

1) Poor oral hygiene and avoiding regular controls and check-ups with your dentist (min. 2x year recommended).
2) Instructions of the specialist/doctor from Dentapoint has not been followed.
3) If you have not been using the mouth guard provided for you to protect your veneers/crowns.
4) Other causes of oral and gum health issues and general health issues that are not associated with the original treatment which was performed by Dentapoint.