Dentapoint Guarantee for Dental Treatments and Materials

Terms of Guarantee

• 10 years on crowns, veneers and bridges
Full E-max porcelains and porcelain veneers, laminate veneers, zirconia crowns and bridges, metal-based porcelain crowns and bridges have a 10-year guarantee.
• 5-year guarantee on prostheses/dentures
• Lifetime guarantee on implants

Dental implants, which are placed into the bone, have a lifetime guarantee. Crowns (e.g. zirconia, metal-based, porcelain etc.), which are placed on the top of the implants (including abutments which provide the connection between the implants and crowns) have a 10-year guarantee.

If an unexpected problem arises, you should report it to Dentapoint immediately.

If you are still in Turkey, contact Dentapoint directly. If you are already back in your home country, please immediately report the problem either to Dentapoint or to Qunomedical by submitting a brief letter explaining your situation including pictures.

After reporting and submitting your letter, the doctors from Dentapoint will assess your situation and determine the necessary steps to be taken.

Guarantee Process

1. Submitting your letter and necessary documents:
Please get in touch with Dentapoint or Qunomedical by submitting a short letter explaining your situation and attaching high-quality and clear pictures of the problematic area/tooth/crown/veneer etc.

If necessary, an X-ray may also be requested.

In case your digital pictures or X-ray images are not deemed enough to demonstrate your situation, you will be advised by Dentapoint to see your local dental specialist and provide Dentapoint with a medical report on your current dental conditions.

2. Assessing your case:
After submitting all necessary files and documents, your case is evaluated by the doctors at Dentapoint. Upon confirmation or disagreement, the terms and conditions of the guarantee policy are determined to be applicable or not applicable to your case.

3. Recommended next steps:
“Fix at home” or “Fix at Dentapoint”

Guarantee includes:

A. Treatments:

All the necessary treatments and required materials needed for the revision treatment if all terms and conditions of guarantee are satisfied.

B. Fix at Home:

In case a problem arises after your return to your home country, and it is confirmed by Dentapoint that revision treatment needs to be done, Dentapoint will cover the cost of those secondary treatments up to the following costs:

  • Re-cementation of veneers/crowns - 40 GBP
  • Correction of chipped crown, veneer - 140 GBP
  • Root canal treatment - 130 GBP
  • Broken mouthguard (within 3 months after treatment) - 50 GBP

C. Fix at Dentapoint:

In case a problem arises after returning to your home country, and it is confirmed by Dentapoint that revision treatment needs to be done back at Dentapoint in Izmir, occurred costs will be covered under the terms of guarantee as follows:

  • Implant replacement - FREE
  • Bridge/veneer/crown renewal - FREE
  • Prostheses/dentures renewal - FREE
  • Root canal treatment - FREE
  • Flights - up to 70 GBP
  • Accommodation - up to 85 GBP

D. Extension of stay needed:

If your stay in Izmir needs to be unexpectedly extended to finish your treatment due to reasons caused by the clinic, the extra travel and accommodation expenses will be compensated. (Not applicable if the extension takes place due to unexpected personal situations/responses.

Coverage limits:

  • Flights - up to 100 GBP
  • Accommodation - up to 85 GBP

The terms of guarantee that are written above, will be valid if the patient takes care of his/her own oral hygiene, certifies that he/she never disrupts the 6-month routine examinations as recommended by the World Health Organization and obeys their doctor’s recommendations.

Non-guaranteed situations

1) Poor oral hygiene and avoiding regular controls and check-ups with your dentist (once in 6 months).
2) Instructions and advice of the specialist/doctor from Dentapoint has not been followed.
3) If you have not been using the mouth guard provided for you to protect your veneers/crowns.
4) Additional treatments have been required due to possible consequences of the received treatments due to individual body response (possible root canal treatment required later on after having placed the crowns/bridges on natural teeth or a failed implant due to bad oral hygiene that leads to an oral disease).
5) In the presence of any systematic diseases, such as diabetes, head and neck radiotherapy, bisphosphonate use, which may adversely affect dental and oral health.
6) Aesthetic and physiological problems associated with physiological age-related gum problems in normal healthy individuals.
7) Requests to change the aesthetic aspect (i.e. colour or shape) of the teeth after having returned to your home country (despite signing the satisfaction form upon finalization of your treatment at Dentapoint).
8) Impaired oral and dental health due to severe smoking and alcohol use.
9) In the presence of bad habits (opening the bottle cap with tooth, biting nails, biting pens, sucking thumb etc).
10) If the full amount of a treatment has not been paid/settled to Dentapoint.