Dr. Antreas Cheimaris

Dr. Antreas Cheimaris, M.D.

ABClinic Art & Beauty, Prague, Czech Republic


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Dr. Antreas Cheimaris is a plastic surgeon and member of the Czech Medical Chamber. Having started out in general surgery, he soon specialised in plastic surgery and went on to gain many years' experience in the field, performing at various medical facilities over his career. Dr. Cheimaris is particularly adept at facial surgery and can interact with international patients in English.


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Dr. Antreas Cheimaris, M.D. has achieved 20 out of 35 points and is awarded with a Qunoscore of 7, Very good.

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V parku 2308/8, 148 00 Praha 11-Chodov, Czechia
Prague, Czech Republic

ABClinic Art & Beauty is the first clinic in the Czech Republic to provide a comprehensive concept of multidisciplinary comprehensive care in the field of aesthetic medicine, all under "one roof". Their goal is to take responsibility for caring for the patient’s body under their professional supervision. The key factor for ABClinic Art & Beauty in professional treatment is the combination of not only the right technique but mainly the quality and functionality of cosmetic devices and complementary products. Hence, they specially focus on their selection so that they can offer their patients the best that current world cosmetology has to offer.

  • ABClinic offers a wide spectrum of surgical and non-surgical procedures, modern equipment and techniques, appropriate supplements and meticulous continuing care.
  • They work with carefully selected specialists who both know what they’re doing and love what they do.
  • At ABC you will experience multidisciplinary collaboration among doctors whose activities complement each other to give you the perfect result.