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Eurasiamed at Medicana Camlica

Located in Istanbul, Turkey

Eurasiamed is a medical center specialized in hair transplant surgery within Medicana Camlica in Istanbul, a JCI-accredited facility part of the Medicana Health Group. Dr. Mehmet Erdogan manages the International Patient Center at Eurasiamed and is an experienced hair transplant surgeon with thousands of hair transplant surgeries under his belt. Dr. Gokay Bilgin is also part of the team of doctors and boasts hundreads of successful hair transplant surgeries. International patients booking their hair transplant treatment at Eurasiamed will benefit from several services, including interpreting services, airport pick-up and drop-off, hotel booking, and visa assistance.

General Information

Airport Pick-up

Hotel Booking

Spoken languages

Turkish, English


Plastic Surgery


Dr. Mehmet Erdogan

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan, MD

Specialization: Hair Transplantation

Education: Graduated with a degree in medicine from Yeditepe University

Languages: Turkish and English

Memberships & Awards

  • Associated ISHRS member

Verified patient reviews (6)

Overall Satisfaction
United Kingdom
November 2017
"I was very pleased with the whole process. Emma from Qunomedical was really nice :) She made me feel a lot more confident in the whole process."

I was very pleased with the whole process. It still too early to judge the results of my FUE but I'm confident it will turn out well great. The staff were very friendly and professional. The after care service has also been great so far with the doctor personally getting back to me on whatsapp with any questions I


have and also looking at pictures I've sent to him. Emma from Qunomedical was really nice :) She made me feel a lot more confident in the whole process as I was a little nervous to have finally committed to it. The only thing that I think could be a little better is the documentation. The advice differs slightly from the documents I received from Qunomedical and the clinic. Reading online about aftercare for FUE there is a lot of different advice and talking to other patients from other clinics on the flight home we all had different plans to follow. I was quite paranoid about getting anything wrong so hearing all the different advice was little confusing.

July 2017
"Everything was absolutely perfect"

I had a hair problem and that's why I contacted them. I could say that I was a little nervous about what to expect. However, since the first moment I walked in the clinic, everything was absolutely perfect. The doctor explained me the procedure, asking me about my concerns and doubts and after following the regular protocol, everything started. The surgery took about 7 hours with a break for lunch. Afterward, the doctor attends to me like usually


in a professional way and asking me about it. I went 2 days later for checking it out and again, the professionalism of all the doctors and staff is one of the things I would like to highlight. They were very supportive of me, asking me about how I felt, giving me all the post - medication, giving me advice on the procedure for washing my "new hair ". In other words, the general manager, a doctor too, was excellent too. In conclusion, after 3 being days being a patient with them, I'm Completely satisfied. In addition, I have to say that the coordinator, Mrs. Natallia, helped me out a lot in terms of logistics ( figuring out the day of the surgery, all the arrangements), how, when and where they will pick me up from the airport, hotel. Hard work that she did perfectly. Excellent, all the staff are professional environment, excellent procedures, and high quality.

United Kingdom
June 2017
"A marvellous service"

My friend and I went to Tukey. I had my surgery about 3 weeks back. Initial consultation carried out by a qualified doctor then everything is done by the


experienced medically qualified nurses and after 7 long hours finally 3200 FUE grafts placed. 5 hotel with breakfast, very good pick up and drop off service (from the airport to the hotel, hotel to hospital, hospital to hotel) Everything went very well and I paid only 1450 USD value for money. A marvelous service that I strongly recommend to anyone.

April 2017
"I had the best experience"

I chose this clinic because of the reviews and I did Hair Transplant.Its coming out well I still have some time to see the difference and


I feel great about it. The clinic was well decorated and the staff was great help. The doctor apparently charged me less than I was quoted for. I had the best experience and I would gladly recommend it to anyone. I am still waiting to see the result but they do get in touch.

United Arab Emirates
January 2017
"Had a wonderful experience"

Hi my name is Nazeer Khan. I am from India but live in the UAE. I had my hair transplant on Jan 2017. Everything was perfect until now. Waiting for my result. I just want to share my review it may be helpful for someone because I did the same. In My case, I had a bald on front and crown area and top. I had very less hair donor area which can give only 4000 grafts in my opinion & my hairs getting thin too. So I asked many clinics everyone said 5000 grafts 4000 grafts they can cover entire head and some of them are not professional be aware of it. Only few said they can harvest over


2500 to 3000 grafts maximum and it will not cover my full head. In that few clinic also said they want to take from other body parts but I don't feel it will look good. So I got confused to what to do. Having less donor area and also want to cover full head its only possible to choose the right hospital. Then I check every clinics review in India, Iran, Turkey and finally I enquired with hospital-based clinics Eurasiamed partnership of Medicana Camlica Hospital. My advise for everyone choose hospital- based clinics. From the day 1 they are very responsive and helpful, Honest and clear my all doubts even doctor chat me and clear my doubts and he told the truth that he will try minimum 3000 to maximum 3500 grafts but it will not be cover my full head but he will try the best. So I feel this one will be my good choice. So everything went good. Transport, operation, post care medication as they mentioned everything was done great. But only thing doctor didn't perform operation their technicians only did. But they also professional. They take care good also and doctor visit every hours and checks. So 1 week over after operation waiting for my final result. Hope for others whoever visiting this clinic hope they will do their best. Thank you good luck. Had a wonderful experience. Everything was good. Thanks for Eurasiamed and their team.

United States
October 2016
"I believe this place to be the very best and could not imagine how it could be any better"

By far the best experience I've ever had with any doctor, staff, or facility. From beginning to end they were warm courteous and always asking if I needed anything offering me tea or coffee and feeding me with delicious local cuisine's every single time I arrived at this facility for not just my day of operation but for pre-operative and postoperative visits as well. I was put up in a brand-new state-of-the-art stunning hotel that included my breakfasts and I had a taxi pick waiting to pick me up and return me to my hotel for all of my


visits to the facility and it was a nice clean car with a great driver who was on time every time. Even the doctors never made me to wait not even a second something that is unheard of in American medical offices. Here these doctors were there to greet me at the door each and every time I arrived. The doctors here are extremely knowledgeable and spoke perfect English answering all of my questions whether my questions were medically related to my procedure or not and addressed all of my concerns with genuine compassion. I have never been so comfortable nor confident with any hospital or it's staff ever in my life. My experience was terrific and I couldn't have been happier with all of the accommodations and the outcome of my procedure is incredible. I am Just a civil servant with a lower middle class salary in America and here I was treated as though I was the some foreign dignitary who mattered with the level of importance that I have never ever experienced in my life anywhere. I believe this place to be the very best and could not imagine how it could be any better.


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Kısıklı Mahallesi, Alemdağ Cd. No:113, 34767 Üsküdar/İstanbul, Turkey



Medicana Camlica is located in Istanbul. Atatürk Istanbul International Airport is a 45-minute drive from the clinic. Istanbul is a great city to explore: with its mix of cultures, large number of museums, and hundreds of years of history, visitors enjoy this dynamic and bustling city all year round.

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