It’s hard to know where to start in finding the place and people who you can
trust with one of the most important aspects of your life - your health. We
know this is especially difficult if you are looking for a procedure not
covered by your insurance, such as a hair transplant. High quality care can be
expensive - but with the help of Qunomedical it doesn’t have to be. Here are
five tips to help you get started:

1 - Be open to travelling abroad

Travelling to a different country to get your desired treatment can save you a
lot of money. The hospitals within the international Qunomedical network offer
FUE hair transplants at up to 80% less than the average cost in the UK. While
in the UK a hair transplant can cost you around 9500 GBP, you can get the
procedure in Turkey for around 1850 GBP. Costs can differ from country to
country depending on how many grafts you will need. At Qunomedical we are
dedicated to helping you find the best option individually tailored to your

2 - Know exactly what you’re paying for

Always make sure you know what is included in any treatment costs quoted, so
there are no surprises. Some providers can seem attractive due to extremely
low prices at first sight but these soon climb up as extras are added. Look
for transparent all-inclusive price quotes and understand what is included and
what is not. No hidden host. If in doubt, always ask.

3 - Know your doctor - put a face to the name

Putting your health in the hands of a doctor in another country may seem like
a daunting prospect. You should therefore make sure to check the doctor’s
credentials and license. Good doctors should always be happy to provide you
with this information. If someone is unwilling to share their credentials with
you, move on. You should always have access to doctors’ CVs, reviews and even
before and after pictures, so you can see the doctor’s work for yourself.

4 - Hospitals - distinguish the good from the bad

It is important your chosen hospital is regulated and inspected by relevant
authorities. All of the hospitals we partner with around the world have
received international or highest national accreditations. Pick a hospital
that is highly experienced in treating international patients and have the
high patient-satisfaction ratings.

5 - Your treatment doesn’t end with your flight home

Make sure you can get the proper care you need in case of an emergency. You
will need to be aware of how your aftercare will be provided when you return
home and understand the conditions under which you will be treated abroad. A
good doctor should be available to answer any questions or concerns even after
you have returned to your home country. At Qunomedical we have a 24/7
assistance hotline and are here to guide you before, during and after your
treatment. If any issues arise we can always put you in contact with the
doctor that treated you.

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