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Medical Staff

Dr. Halil Ibrahim Tekin, MD

Dr. Halil Ibrahim Tekin


IVF treatments, Surrogacy In 1987 he qualified as a doctor from Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University. During his medical education, he attended Lile University, France, where he studied under Professor Charles Proy, President of the European Surgical Association. He specialized in endocrinological surgery. Dr. Tekin has created over 20,000 families during his career so far.

Years of experience


Guaranteed Surrogacy Program

We guarantee a healthy, live birth within 2.5 years or funds are returned, using egg donation.

Included in the program:
  • Surrogate selection, as well as medical, social and psychological screening
  • Egg / sperm donation if needed
  • Unlimited IVF procedures including medication - egg extraction, creation of embryos, surrogate preparation, embryo transfer
  • Compensation and care of surrogate
  • Housing, daily expenses, nutrition, transportation & medication for surrogate
  • Pregnancy monitoring and pre-natal care
  • Birth
  • Post-birth care for surrogate and newborn
  • NICU care if required
  • Birth certificate issuance
  • FuIl insurance
Process and Time-frame

The information below is taken directly from Gaia Fertility's treatment process:

There is a no-wait start to the surrogacy program. It can be initiated as soon as you are ready to begin.

We suggest a visit to Cyprus at the beginning of the process for an initial consultation, without obligation. This is an excellent opportunity to see our clinic, meet our team, submit blood work and semen samples, choose a donor if necessary, and if happy to proceed, sign a contract in person.

Upon signing of the contract, a surrogate is selected for you. An egg donor is also selected at this time, by you, according to your personal requests and criteria.

On the day of egg extraction, embryos are created with your chosen sperm and egg donor. After a five day maturation to the blastocyst stage, the best embryos created are carefully selected. These embryos are transferred (ET) as soon as the surrogate carrier assisting you is ready hormonally.

You must then wait for pregnancy confirmation & start the countdown towards your baby’s arrival! Should results be negative - you start again, within approximately 1-2 months, with no extra payments on your behalf. You continue on until you succeed.

The surrogate team-members are cared for on every level. They are the most important resource, and greatly valued, so the clinic ensures they are happy and comfortable. They are assigned a personal coordinator to support them through the process and take care of their every need. Each intended parent also has a personal coordinator of their own who will update step-by-step in terms of pregnancy follow-up.

You are more than welcome to join all appointments and scans - either by Skype/Phone or in person.

Gaia coordinators are there to assist with all the necessary documentation required to obtain a birth certificate. Your name will be on the birth certificate. Each intended parent must then apply to their own embassy in Cyprus in order to obtain a passport from their native country for their child.

With the UK as an example, this takes approximately 4-6 weeks; however, every country’s embassy has it’s own rules. Gaia offers assistance, of course, but ask that every intended parent has a good understanding of his/her country’s passport requirements in advance.



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May 3, 2020




We hope that in a world which is not so favorable to men having children on their own; Gaia fertility will help single men and couples of all sorts achieve their dream.

Eyal Karina and the team in Cyprus were professional and helped us achieve our dream. We have beautiful children thanks to their outstanding help. We hope that in a world which is not so favorable to men having children on their own; Gaia fertility will help single men and couples of all sorts achieve their dream. By doing so Gaia fertility is bringing light to this world. Good job and all the best to kind hearts.


United Kingdom

April 17, 2020




Their professionalism and knowledge was second to none...We cannot thank them enough for everything they have done and continue to do

As an LGBT couple starting our journey to become parents, it was somewhat overwhelming trying to find the right agency and clinic to support us with achieving our dream of having children. We reached out to many agencies and then discovered Gaia Fertility. The moment we met our coordinator (Karina) in London, we knew they would help and support us at every step of our journey. We both vividly remember our first meeting, we had about 25 questions written down and every answer we received was open and honest. We were then invited to see the clinic in Famagusta, TRNC for ourselves, to meet the Doctor and wider team, which also didn’t disappoint. Their professionalism and knowledge was second to none and this was the deciding factor in choosing Gaia. Our first son was born in July 2019 and brings so much joy and love to our lives. But, we always intended to have two children; biologically from both our sperm donations, sharing the same egg donor. We were thrilled when they announced our second child was on the way and he was born at the beginning of April 2020. It goes without saying that our second child came with a bang; he was born during the height of the pandemic (babies do not wait for things to blow over). However, it was no surprise Gaia Fertility once again came to the rescue in supporting with emergency accommodation, nanny services and continue to provide support with all other aspects for immigration matters and parental orders. We cannot recommend Gaia Fertility enough; at the end of this chapter of our parenthood journey, we don’t just feel like past clients or intended parents. We are, without doubt, now friends for life - We cannot thank them enough for everything they have done and continue to do.


United Kingdom

March 3, 2020




We would not hesitate recommending Gaia to anyone!

My husband and I spent a lot of time researching surrogacy as we wanted to make sure we got it right. From the moment we spoke with Stephanie at Gaia, we knew this was the company for us. The constant support from the very beginning was exceptional. We were informed of every step during the journey and Stephanie was available to us by phone, email or text at any time of the day. Working with Gaia lead to the birth of our twin boys in March of this year. Even after the birth, the contact from both Stephanie and Karina (Director) has been amazing. Whilst in Cyprus, the support has been non-stop by them both! We would not hesitate recommending Gaia to anyone. As well as a thank you to Gaia for this entire process, we would like to say a special thank you to Stephanie. Without her guidance along the way, giving us strength, I’m not sure we would be where we are today with our twins. Thank you all!


United Kingdom

December 10, 2019




I came to you with a dream which you made reality. Not only have I gained a beautiful daughter but I have made new friends/family with you! And for that I am eternally grateful

I want to take this opportunity to thank this amazing organisation for helping me to become the proudest father to Lyra.. not everyone are lucky enough or have the ability to produce children on/of their own and after 10 years of searching and endless amounts of dead ends and heart ache that I had to go through I found Gaia Fertility and straight away I knew they were right for me.. from day 1 and the whole of my journey this incredible team of people have been amazing, the patience and understanding they have shown me I cannot fault you at all.. every step of the way they have shown me consideration and support.. emotionally being there when I had any upsets or worries.. there will never be words to describe how truly thankful and appreciative I am to you all for your help.. and giving me this new gift of life!... The feeling it brings to your heart and soul and loving your child is priceless.. i came to you with a dream which you made reality not only have I gained a beautiful daughter I have made new friends/family with you! And for that i am eternally grateful! Thank you all so so much