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Health Check-Up

A health check-up, also known as a general or medical check-up, is an annual visit to the general practitioner to check in on your physical health.

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quick details
  • Anyone looking to get an insight into their health
  • Recommended for people over 35
  • 45-90 minutes, extensive test packages are done over a 2 day period

How does a health check up work?

A health check up or a medical check up is a routine visit made to your general practitioner yearly to evaluate your physical health. This is necessary to keep tabs on your health, and catch any potential issues in early stages.

A health check up will usually start with a discussion about your medical history, current illnesses/pain and the doctor will answer any pressing questions that you may have. In addition, a basic health check-up will include the following:

  • Physical examination
    • Blood tests, including blood sugar and cholesterol level check
    • Urine test
    • ECG
    • Ultrasound
    • Vaccination checkup and advice

Please note that the tests included in your general health check-up will vary based on the clinic you choose, what is covered by your insurance, and what extra tests may be more suitable to your individual case.

What should I expect from this procedure?

The health check up can vary in duration depending on the ‘package’ you choose. It, typically lasts between 45-90 minutes. You should make sure to have your medical history, and any questions or queries ready for the doctor. A check-up is done even when you may feel like you are perfectly healthy. It is a necessary preventative step in ensuring your long time well-being.

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