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A hemorrhoidectomy refers to a surgical procedure used to treat hemorrhoids, which are inflamed veins near the rectum and anus.

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quick details
  • Patients with grade III or IV hemorrhoids
  • Patients with hemorrhoids that have had no success after non-invasive methods
  • Patients with hemorrhoids who are not eligible for other procedures
  • Patients with hemorrhoids and other anorectal conditions
  • Patients with very large internal or external hemorrhoids
  • 2 - 3 weeks
  • Depends on your individual case
  • A closed hemorrhoidectomy has a success rate of 95%
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Stenosis
  • Urinary retention
  • Faecal impaction

What is a hemorrhoidectomy?

Hemorrhoids are a swollen cluster of veins located at the lower end of your rectum and anus. This is similar to varicose veins that occur in your legs. They are also commonly known as piles, and can develop inside the rectum or externally near the anus. The chances of developing hemorrhoids increases with age.

How does the surgery work?

You will be placed under general anaesthesia, and your surgeon will perform one of the following surgeries:

  • Closed hemorrhoidectomy: During the procedure, your surgeon will use a scalpel or even electrocautery or lasers to remove the hemorrhoids. Following this, the wound will be stitched up.

  • Open hemorrhoidectomy: In this procedure, the excision of the hemorrhoids is performed similarly to what is done in the closed form. But, instead of stitching up the incision, it is left open.

  • Stapled hemorrhoidopexy: During this surgery, a stapling tool is used to remove the hemorrhoid, and shift and staple it back into position within the anal canal.

What should I expect from this procedure?

A closed hemorrhoidectomy has been shown to be the most effective, but is also associated with a longer recovery time. There are other non-invasive options available, so please speak to your surgeon beforehand. The recovery following your surgery, the success of the procedure and the risk of relapse will largely also depend on your lifestyle changes, especially an improvement in bowel function and gut health.

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Hemorrhoidectomy is offered in 5 countries

In Manila from € 1,766

In Istanbul from € 2,300

In Vilnius from € 3,100

In Kuala Lumpur from € 3,106

In Barcelona from € 4,427

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