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Being just a short flight away from most European major cities, Poland has emerged as one of Europe’s most respected countries when it comes to receiving cheap, high-quality hair restoration treatments. For this reason, citizens from all over Europe visit hair loss clinics in Warsaw and Wroclaw for hair transplants. Respected hair restoration centers exist in smaller Polish towns, too, although most visitors seek out English-speaking doctors at clinics in the aforementioned cities.

Why Should I Get a Hair Transplantation in Poland?

The most reputable hair transplant centers in Poland are located in the largest Polish cities, Wroclaw and Warsaw. The top doctors at these clinics are often British, Australian, or even American, which alleviates any language barrier issues English-speaking patients might be concerned about.

Beauty clinics in Poland focus on several different types of hair transplants, giving prospective clients the ability to choose the hair transplant procedure that best suits their balding pattern. For example, Polish hair restoration centers even offer hair transplants to women, who generally suffer from a very specific type of diffuse thinning.

Other transplant treatments available in Poland include linear strip hair replanting and follicular unit extraction. Follicular unit extraction is the most cutting-edge hair transplant procedure in the world. This is because FUE requires that the doctor harvest and then replant each hair follicle individually, upping the likelihood that the harvested hair will continue to grow in previously bald areas of the patient’s scalp. The other benefit of follicular unit extraction is that it works for patients suffering from receding hairlines, as well as for patients who are balding on top.

Hair Transplant in Poland

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