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Hair Transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery is the only known way to initiate regrowth of hair in balding areas of the head and the results are permanent. During the procedure, healthy follicles are taken from the donor area and transplanted into thinning or balding areas. The most popular procedures are FUE (follicular unit extraction) where each follicle is taken one at a time, and FUT (follicular unit transplant) where a strip of the scalp is removed and transplanted in the recipient area.

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"I can't really think of anything that could be done better as the whole process from day 1 has been very smooth and hassle free."

I dealt with Emma at Qunomedical throughout the whole process who I thought done an excellent job in setting this all up for me, answering all of my questions and was always very prompt in getting back to me via email and also on the phone. She was very helpful in getting the right thing for me and has kept in contact throughout. I was picked up at the airport and had no trouble finding the pickup location. I was driven straight to the hotel and picked up at 8 am the next morning. The 1st consultation seemed to be quite quick but they knew what they were doing and got straight on with it.

The procedure last around 9 hours with a 20 min break in between where I was given something to eat and drink. The staff worked constantly and were very cautious about causing any pain and made sure I was as comfortable as possible throughout. The nurses didn't speak great English but we got by and Dr. Cinik was very friendly and spoke very good English. The final checkup went well and Sarah was very helpful in answering any questions. I felt I had a very good understanding of the procedure from day 1 to 1 month of how to take care of of myself post op. The booklet was clear with its instructions on when to take what with post op drugs and supplements. I was told I could get in contact with them anytime if I had any other questions or problems. The facilities appeared clean although it a little tight on space with 2 other patients and 5-6 staff buzzing around, but again for me it was not an issue and we got by. I was picked up and dropped off each day on time with no problems and the driver was also very friendly and spoke good English. I can't really think of anything that could be done better as the whole process from day 1 has been very smooth and hassle free.

"The contact with Qunomedical was very professional and friendly. At the hospital I was provided with excellent service."

The pick-up from the airport was right on time as scheduled. During the whole stay at the hospital, I was provided with excellent service

The hospital is very clean and the medical staff very well educated. The contact with Qunomedical was very professional and friendly. All question were answered immediately. Even rescheduling my first appointment was possible. Thank you for the facilitation and all the support!

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"Just to sum everything up Junomedial were 5 Stars. Probably one of the best decisions of my life!!" First of all I want to say how great Shaz at Qunomedical was and that I probably would never went ahead with the procedure if only for his patience and all his help!! Absolutely excellent service and prompt response to every question!! I decided to go to MD MEDMIX hair clinic in Poland for my hair transplant. Probably one of the best decisions of my life!! First of all we arrived at night and we were met by a really really nice polish man with my name on a sign.

He brought us from Krakow Airport to the excellent Ibis hotel. The journey from the airport to the hotel was about an hour and some of the roads were poor back roads through a forestry area but there is reason to be alarmed!! This hotel is plain but very clean and it has extremely good customer service including an excellent room service from the restaurant below (food was lovely). The next day I was picked up to get my bloods taken this was in a local clinic which is not where you will be getting your procedure done. The people again were very nice and excellent at there jobs, you have no pain what so ever!! The next day was the day I got my hair transplant!! I was pick up again on time as always and brought to the MD MEDMIX hair clinic. I first was met by Marzena, who was extremely nice and very helpful in every way. Then I met my doctor Dr. Maciej Borejsza which was again extremely nice and spoke an excellent English. I was supposed to get 2000 grafts which we changed after my consultation to 1500 grafts!! This consultation was the most informative and honest consultation you will ever get!! He goes through all the things that can go wrong,what you can expect to look like after the op and then achieve as an end result!! Even at this stage there was no obligation to go ahead with the procedure I could pull out if I wanted. The Doctor had highlighted this to me and he also adjusted the cost of the procedure to allow for the 500 that were not put in!! Extremely honest and professional Doctor!! Now to the main part: the procedure!! It was LONG and boring but not as bad as you are thinking!! Yes there is pain but ONLY at the start with the first say 4 to 5 injections until the anesthetic wears in then it is literally no pain what so ever!! Read Eamon's blog his account of everything is very accurate. Only thing I would add is that you can swell up a good bit but this will reduce day by day. Bring a hoodie with a full zip and maybe a baseball cap for the journey home!! Also I stayed for 4 days after the procedure which was great for my recovery!! Just to sum everything up again Junomedial were 5 Stars and I would of never of done it only for Shaz and for MD MEDMIX,Dr Maciej and Marzena. I don't think there are enough Stars. I am Extremely happy with everything Top Class Service!!

"Our patients' reviews tell us a lot about how to provide even greater support. It's not just about reading their words once they are back home. It's the whole experience that starts on our first phone call when we introduce ourselves."

Dr. Sophie Chung, Qunomedical CEO & Founder

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"The treatment was done professional" The treatment was done professional. However I had the feeling that several other things were going on as the clinic was very busy and the doctor itself did not speak German, English only but the staff was able to translate.

"Had an amazing time in Turkey." Me and my friend had an amazing time in Turkey, we had been picked from airport on time. There was help available on every step till we departed from there.

Treatment went well but you need to take at least a week off from your work after treatment. And please take someone with you to assist you after treatment. Now waiting for good result.

"In the end everything was to our complete satisfaction! Although not knowing each other personally, I had a very trustworthy feeling." The pick-up was very smooth and easy. The driver only spoke english but he knew where to go and could explain us when he will come back to pick me up for surgery. At the next day I was brought to the hospital and the staff was super friendly and the doctors very helpful and competent. The hospital was

very clean and modern equipped. The communication with the doctors after the surgery was amazing - I could always reach them via WhatsApp and they immidiatly replied. Although the hospital made a mistake with the scheduling and we missed our departing flight, I have to say that Dr. Erdogan helped us out and booked an alternative flight as well as an additional hotel night. In the end everything was to our complete satisfaction! I was also very happy with Qunomedical, especially the very friendly communication of the service team. Although not knowing each other personally, I had a very trusthworthy feeling. They were always getting in touch with me and asked for my wellbeing, even some time after the treament.

"Dr. Ruban is the most personable and professional consultant you could ever wish to meet and I recommend him without hesitation." The procedure itself is totally painless. After the strip is taken, Dr. Ruban and his team (3 nurses) extract the follicles and replant them in the recession zones. It's a bit like gardening! It took about 6 hours for my transplant. Obviously there is a bit of swelling. Mine took about 5 days to clear. The first night is difficult if

you sleep on your back because the site of the extraction is tender. After 3 months your hairdresser will not even be able to see the extraction site. The scar line is so thin. And then, after the original hair falls, the new hair begins to grow and with it your satisfaction at the result. You will not look like you did at 21 but the regrowth is definitely passable and natural looking. Dr. Ruban also recommends proven medication to encourage thickening of your existing hair. Finally, and importantly, Dr. Ruban is the most personable and professional consultant you could ever wish to meet and I recommend him without hesitation. The cost is substantial but for me it was value for money.

"I highly recommend Dr Mantse, he is skilful and meticulous" Dr Thomas Mantse did my FUE procedure at the end of March 2016. I had 2500 hair follicles implanted, each one by hand.

highly recommend Dr Mantse, he is skilful and meticulous in his work but also a kind and generous person. Five months following the procedure I now have hair where there was none and the results are improving each month as my hair gets thicker. Many Thanks Dr Mantse "

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FUE Hair Transplant at HIMG Clinic

"My hair is growing beautifully." Almost a year ago, I had hair transplantation surgery at this clinic. Since then, I’ve felt good. I’ve become more confident and my hair is growing beautifully. I can now wear different hairstyles.

My whole face has changed; it now looks good and less angry-looking than before. A lot of people in my area noticed the change. Emotionally I'm more confident, and like to talk with people more than ever before. I am very happy and very satisfied with the results. Thank you for everything.

David V.
United Kingdom

FUE Hair Transplant at Global medical center

"Dr. Kocsis with his nurse Beata and the doctor Dr. Rieth Anna are simply amazing. " Dr. Kocsis with his nurse Beata and the doctor Dr. Rieth Anna are simply amazing. I was impressed by the quality, the efforts made to ensure my comfort and the details involved in such a delicate procedure.

"Very successful hair transplant." Greetings ! I had a very successful hair transplant operation at İstanbul Aesthetic Center and i am very glad to be there thanks to my doctor and his team.

"The organization in the hospital and with Qunomedical was perfect." The organization was perfect. The doctor was very friendly and competent. At the hospital not everybody speaks English. The OR personnel is sometimes lacking in professionalism. The service by Qunomedical was awesome. Before, but also after surgery all my questions were answered, immediately, honestly and very competent.

"Staff was knowledgeable and used holistic care." l found the whole experience from the moment I landed of being a peace of mind, I was picked up from the airport with no concern which l thought there might be a concern due to being 45 min late

arriving. No concern being dropped off at the hotel. l had a consultation at pre-op which l thought this helped, so giving me more understand to the treatment. After treatment was explained how to make sure to manage my after care, why it’s important to rest and take medication. Staff was knowledgeable and used holistic care throughout, the treatment which l found this to being professional. l found Qunomedical to being professional and will have more treatment in the becoming months.

"My experience at Acibadem Taksim has been excellent! " The hospital itself is state of art, really modern and clean. The staff are very professional and accomodating. Very highly recommended. Excellent experience from start to finish.

"Extremely friendly staff, and very professional. Would recommend Qunomedical to anyone." Extremely friendly staff, and very professional. My only criticism is that most staff don't speak English, but this doesn't effect anything during the procedure. Qunomedical has very friendly staff, and are extremely helpful. Would recommend them to anyone.

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