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While many patients from the UK travel far afield to get treatment (outbound medical travel reached an all time high in 2015), many others prefer to get treated locally. At the same time, thousands of international patients choose to travel to the UK for outstanding medical care every year.

Why Should I Get Hair Transplant Surgery in the United Kingdom?

The UK boasts some of the top medical facilities in the region and its doctors receive extensive training and practice all over the world.

Some of the leading facilities for hair transplant surgery are located in the UK. All the latest hair transplant techniques are offered, starting from FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction - where each unit is removed one at the time), and ARTAS, a cutting-edge robotic system that automatically finds and harvest the best hair for transplantation. Costs for hair transplant surgery in the UK are lower than other countries such as the USA or Australia.

With a great combination of excellent care and leisure attractions, the UK might well be your perfect destination for any medical treatment.

Hair Transplant Surgery in the United Kingdom

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