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Hospital Mae de Deus

The Hospital Mae de Deus in Brazil is located in the center of the town and is known as the "Mother of God" hospital. Doctors at the hospital specialize in cancer treatments. They work with cancers of all types, providing a diagnosis as well as various treatments that include radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Doctors and nurses at the hospital are prepared to offer as much help as possible for patients. The large dialysis center is ideal for patients who are seeking treatment for kidney issues and kidney failure. There is a large maternity floor with the latest advancements in dealing with life-threatening issues seen in labor and delivery. A neonatal ICU is state-of-the-art and one of the units that the hospital is known for in the area and the rest of the world. A large blood bank is also in the hospital for those who need transfusions due to illnesses or injuries.

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America Business Square - Rua Soledade, 569 - Três Figueiras, RS, 90470-340 Porto Alegre, Brazil



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