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South Africa

June 2018

GOP Hospital

"I was picked up from the airport to the 5 stars hotel. Then next morning from the hotel to the hospital for the consultation and admission. The coordinator was also a translator and she was at a very high level of professionalism. She was with me through all the stages till the Operating Room. The Doctor was excellent both in knowledge and practice. She elaborated in details everything to expect from the start till the end of the vaser liposuction procedure. Personality was awesome for all of the staff including nurses and technicians and the cleaners. During the visit I was given all the time I needed and all the information about my status. Very friendly and very professional that's how I would like to describe my experience in this treatment journey to Turkey. My experience with Qunomedical is excellent. "



August 2017

Yanhee Hospital

"The preliminary interview with the surgeon was excellent and detailed. The hospital facilities were clean but very basic and no frills. The difficulty I experienced was with the lack of adequate pain relief. In Australia I would have had 3 days of strong pain relief but here I had only one. On the second day following major surgery I was offered panadol. The communication with Qunomedical was often slow due to difficulties with obtaining information in Thailand I suspect."



Yanhee Hospital

"Everything was more than satisfying. I liked the doctor's smile and the cooperation of the staff with our feelings and wants. The results from the first day was very clear and satisfying. The best thing since I am from another country the day I came to the doctor, the same day I did my operation. Once again thanks to my doctor, and the lovely nurses. "



Yanhee Hospital

"Overall, am very happy with results. So far only 1 week post-op but my tummy looks so nice and flat already. My breasts are a perfect shape and I have no pain in them at all. I thought my scars would be much worse but they are very neat and precise. Doctor and anesthetist were very thorough in explaining exactly what would be happening. I had many opportunities to ask questions. The after care has been very good, constantly have nurses checking on you and tending to any requests. The surgeon even comes to check on you twice a day. I look forward to seeing the full results after my full recovery. Many thanks."



Yanhee Hospital

"This is my second surgery procedure which I have done at Yanhee. I would like to point out how satisfactory it is always to come into this hospital. Everybody is very professional and efficient. I would definitely come back in the future and would recommend to anybody to experience a world-class service within the world of hospitality and plastic surgery."



Yanhee Hospital

"I am very pleased with the doctor and the nurses have been great. The hospital is absolute heaven. Great service from all the staff, starting from International Desk help, Chafik, to the cleaning lady. The whole experience has been wonderful. I came to the hospital to do a lot more than what i have done, but due to my short time of stay I only did 2 things. But I will be back and I will pass this experience to all my friends in Australia. Thank you so much. Thanks to all staff, all nurses, Dana, Grace, Darlene, Elsie and the rest. "


United States

CosMed Clinic

"I did quite a bit of research all over the world, and looked at all of the reviews. The thing that did it for me was that it was all in one, that was the clinic, the recovery area, the dental. I broke my tooth last week and I wasn’t able to get into my dentist’s so I got my tooth fixed here. It’s just been an amazing experience, an amazing experience! If you did this then you go home and you’re by youself there’s no one to look after you whereas here I felt very safe, well cared for, everyone’s very intelligent, they know their jobs, and doctor Quiroz is just amazing. I can say that really there was no pain, there was a lot of tightness but as far as pain, there was no pain! It’s just incredible. "



KCM Clinic

"I was welcomed very friendly by the hospital personal. The operating Doctor was immediately with me and explained the procedures. I can not say anything about the surgery, since its just been a couple of days. In the hospital, everybody was very friendly and treated me well. 2 doctors spoke German and explained and ansewered all my questions. Everything else I could clarify with the patient coordinator in English. The nurses were also with me the whole time and were of great help. The person accompanying me, was mainly ignoed by the staff. The second bed was perfekt, but unfortunatly they missed the additional meals for the person accompanying me. This can be done better. Besides that I can only speak very positive about the hospital, especially their hygine standards are amazing. My room was cleaned several times a day and the nurses kept the strict hygine standards. In conclusion I was very happy with the treatment and the outcome! The communication with Qunomedical was perfect. All raised questions and concerns were answered very fast and satisfying. I went for the surgery without any unanswered questions. "