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Medicana International

Located in Istanbul, Turkey

Part of the Medicana Health Group, Medicana International Istanbul is a JCI-accredited hospital which offers a gamut of medical treatments. JCI or Joint Commission International represents the gold standard in global healthcare. The 30,000-square-meter, state-of-the-art facility boasts 109 patient rooms, 34 intensive care beds, 8 neonatal intensive care units and 8 operating theaters. In addition to aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, the multi-disciplinary hospital specializes in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, IVF, oncology, and organ transplantation. Medicana International Istanbul welcomes patients from all over the world and has an international patient center which provides a variety of services for its international patients including free interpreter services, airport pick-up and drop-off, and assistance with flights, hotels, and visas.

General Information

Airport Pick-up

Free Wifi

Hotel Booking

Translation Services

Spoken languages

Turkish, English, German


Plastic Surgery

Treatments and prices

Top Treatments

FUE Hair Transplant

  • 2 nights hotel & spa stay including breakfast
  • Ground transfer during your stay
  • Blood analysis
  • PRP treatment
  • 24/7 Qunomedical assistance hotline

€ 2,000

Plastic Surgery


MD Dr. Soner Buyukkinaci

MD Dr. Soner Buyukkinaci

Specialization: FUE Hair Transplant & Neurosurgery

Education: Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Ege University Fellowships at Marmara University, Yale University (USA), Arkansas University (USA)

Languages: English, Turkish, German

Memberships & Awards

  • North American Spine Society
  • Turkish Medical Association
  • Turkish Neurosurgical Association Vascular Group

Verified patient reviews (22)

Overall Satisfaction
United Kingdom
November 2017
"Qunomedical and Medicana hospital is recommended by miles."

When I landed on airport, driver was already waiting for me and greeted me well. I was then taken to hospital for blood test then straight to hotel. Hotel was fabulous and at great standards. I was greeted great on arrival. Room was absolutely comfortable. Next morning I was taken to hospital in time where I was greeted by hospital supervisor who was absolutely a professional and hospitality was on heights. Check in process and preliminary requirements


were all taken care off. I literally didn’t have to do anything just answer few simple questions. I was then introduced to hair transplant coordinator who was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The doctor and two other of his assistants were very professional and friendly guys. I was given great information on every query I had. Hospital supervisor was extremely helpful lady who was with me majority of her busy time. Next morning I was then taken to hospital for post transplant examination. I was then dropped off to airport making sure a comfortable check in time for my flight. Qunomedical has helped me since the day of my first query for hair transplant and until present. Absolutely helpful and remarkably professional agency. Also not to forget that Hair transplant went very well and by looks of it, I should have a great results soon. Qunomedical and Medicana hospital is recommended by miles. Thank you Regards Waqar

United Kingdom
November 2017
"Nothing to complain about the hospital and the other staff. Ryan from Qunomedical has been excellent."

Nothing to complain about the hospital and the other staff. But the doctors were very unprofessional. They couldn’t handle the situation and lose the control. didn’t


expect that. But the health adviser was lovely. She’s the only one who speaks English in there. Ryan from Qunomedical has been excellent. Very helpful and friendly. I’m happy with your job. The only thing could be better is make sure work with professional and confident doctors with the all situations. Thanks

United Kingdom
October 2017
"The staff were really helpful. I would definitely advise this hospital to anyone."

I was picked up from the airport and transported to and from the hospital and my hotel. The hospital and the hotel were both very clean and


modern and I felt comfortable. The staff were really helpful, there was a slight language barrier but overall there were enough people in the hospital who spoke English to keep me well informed and they were constantly making sure I wasn't in pain and that I was ok. I would definitely advise this hospital to anyone.

September 2017
"Everything was very good from start to finish. I liked the fact that there was someone at the hospital that could speak good English. "

Everything was very good from start to finish. Truthfully the advantage in Istanbul is the price. I liked the fact that there was someone at the hospital that could speak good English. It was very important.

September 2017
"The overall experience was very good. Qunomedical provided more information regarding the procedure than I would have expected."

I was picked up at the airport by a friendly driver, although limited English. We went to the hospital for the blood test where I was charged for the blood test. When the driver dropped me off at the hotel, he was not sure the exact time I would be picked up the next morning. However, I received a WhatsApp message early the next morning confirming the pickup time. The hotel and my room were lovely. Shower pressure could have been stronger if I may be very picky but besides that, lovely hotel. The next morning I was picked up by a different driver. Also friendly with a little more verbal English than the driver from the previous night. The consultant was friendly and provided me with information (verbally) about what my day would look like and answered my questions. At the point of payment,


I forgot to mention I was charged for the blood test the night before and subsequently, I was overcharged by about 80 EURs. I later informed the consultant who informed me that she would have this amount refunded back to my card and I'm happy to confirm she lived up to her word. The first part of the procedure was uncomfortable and painful. It was my fault for not informing them that I had pain at that point but when I did so later in the procedure, they provided additional local anaesthetic to relieve the pain. I was also happy with the lunch provided by the hospital. During the procedure, the consultant would come by and check on me. At the end, she provided me with more information, which was helpful. However, as this was verbally done, I was not in the best state to remember everything she told me and I found myself asking the consultant the following morning to go over the information again while I entered it on my phone. I wasn't too pleased that I was given a lotion instead of foam to apply on the transplanted area. At the time I didn't think much of it as I was overwhelmed with the pain of removing the bandage on the donor area. Non-the-less, the overall experience was very good. The drive back to the airport was comfortable with the same friendly driver that picked me up from the airport. At Qunomedical Ryan was my go-to guy! He was always friendly and flexible regarding when to contact me. He provided more information regarding the procedure than I would have expected and followed up with all of my questions and concerns to my satisfaction. This guy deserves a raise!

August 2017


August 2017
"Overall I was treated well and I am happy with the procedure."

I was picked up from the airport even though my flight came at a different time and was late. So that was great. Rawya from


Medicana was great she was friendly, helpful and professional. Overall I was treated well and I am happy with the procedure. My experience with Qunomedical was very good. At one point it would have been nice to get faster call back. Problem might have been because it was the weekend.

United Kingdom
June 2017
"The entire time I felt that the staff was competent and knew what they were doing."

I have chosen Qunomedical basically because of the good reviews and my budget. I contacted them through email and Emma, one of the staff members replied in a very short time. The emails were short but very precise. Emma was very helpful. She even offered me to help me find the best deal for my flight tickets. Soon I booked my flight, and sent the details she arranged and everything else. Once I got to the airport in Istanbul I found a driver ready to drive me to the clinic for my blood test. I felt like they were waiting for me. I was literally in and out in a matter of minutes. Right after I was taken to a very nice hotel across the street from the clinic. By


now hasn't been too much talking with anyone but they have been very polite and ready to help me in whatever I needed. The following morning after breakfast a driver from the clinic was waiting for me. As soon as we arrived, one of the staff members was waiting for me. She spoke perfect English and accompanied me through the entire process, from paying the bill to the consultation with the nurse and the Doctor, who was professional and took his time to make sure I will be happy with the result. Even though the doctor nor the nurse spoke much English, I felt comfortable because i had the translator there with me. I have to say that the injections of the anesthetic were very painful but after it started working I didn't feel a thing until they were done. Everything went perfect. During the procedure they made sure that I was comfortable and well. Once I was done they give me few pills and a big bottle of shampoo as well as a bottle of a cream with instructions how to use them. And I was taken back to my hotel room. The day after I was taken to the clinic again to make sure I was well and soon after I was taken to the airport. The entire time I felt that the staff was competent and knew what they were doing. So far this experience its been good, hopefully i'd be able to say the same in few months when i will be able to see the result.

United Kingdom
April 2017
"Overall good!"

Overall good, except pre-op consultation..Hotel stay was excellent. Qunomedical was good, quick responses!

January 2017
"10/10 from start to finish!"

10/10 from start to finish! I can't thank you enough. Everything was perfect. Qunomedical was always reachable all time...keep that up!

United Kingdom
January 2017
"Everything was excellent! "

Maybe another English speaker at the hospital would be better, but it was terrific. My experience with Qunomedical was excellent.

January 2017
"The nurses and doctors are friendly and kind people. "

I got picked up from the airport. Most of the workers don't speak English. It was hard to communicate with them. The nurses and doctors are friendly and very kind people.

United Kingdom
November 2016
"They are not bad but they should improve the health and safety at the hospital."

The instruments they were using were not very satisfying. I don't think they were as good as at home. While doing the transplant the door of the room was always open.They should keep it shut at all time. The staff were changing several times, each time they start they should wash their hands.

November 2016
"I am very satisfied, Qunomedical, the driver, to doctors and the hotel staff- everybody were extremely friendly!"

I am very satisfied with: Qunomedical, the driver, to doctors and the hotel staff- everybody was extremely friendly! I can only recommend it!!!

November 2016
"In the end everything was to our complete satisfaction! Although not knowing each other personally, I had a very trustworthy feeling. "

The pick-up was very smooth and easy. The driver only spoke english but he knew where to go and could explain us when he will come back to pick me up for surgery. At the next day I was brought to the hospital and the staff was super friendly and the doctors very helpful and competent. The hospital was


very clean and modern equipped. The communication with the doctors after the surgery was amazing - I could always reach them via WhatsApp and they immidiatly replied. Although the hospital made a mistake with the scheduling and we missed our departing flight, I have to say that Dr. Erdogan helped us out and booked an alternative flight as well as an additional hotel night. In the end everything was to our complete satisfaction! I was also very happy with Qunomedical, especially the very friendly communication of the service team. Although not knowing each other personally, I had a very trusthworthy feeling. They were always getting in touch with me and asked for my wellbeing, even some time after the treament.

November 2016
"Top class from start to finish. Professional in every manner!"

The whole trip was top class from start to finish. Professional in every manner! The only negative thing I felt is that the staff should know more English.

United Kingdom
October 2016
"Very Good!"

I was picked up from airport and dropped off at the hotel and picked up for treatment and all the visits to the hospital.

United Kingdom
October 2016
"The treatment quality and service were better than what I would get at home."

They picked me up from the airport and took me to the hotel which was amazing. The staff at the hotel and clinic were exceptionally good, their service was second to none. The doctor was very skilled, he treated me with such care and affection, their attitude towards me was amazing.

United Kingdom
September 2016
"It was really good - especially Qunomedical. "

Pick and drop service was excellent. The staff was brilliant and treatment was 100%. It was a really good experience with Qunomedical. The staff was really helpful and did its best till the end of the treatment.

United Kingdom
August 2016
"My flights were delayed but the hospital and Qunomedical was very friendly and helped to make changes and to assist me as I arrived a day later. They rescheduled my appointment with no hassle."

Qunomedical is very professional, very informative, very helpful, exceptional availability and customer service. I was picked up at the airport and taken to my hotel to check in and rest up for the procedure at the following day. The hotel room I stayed in was a bit noisy as there were constructions going on nearby, but nothing that couldn't be dealt with. The following


day I was met by the driver and transported to the hospital for consultation and procedure. The staff at the centre were friendly and courteous. Any questions i had were answered. I was prepared for the surgery and we got underway. Half way through we stopped for a bite to eat and then back into it. Once the procedure was complete i was given after care advice and transported back to the hotel to rest. I had very minimal discomfort and followed my course of medication. On the last day i checked out of the hotel and went to the medical facility and my head was washed, I was instructed on how to wash my hair in the best way to take care of myself for optimal results.

United Kingdom
August 2016
"I am happy with my treatment"

To be fair everything was well organized I had made my hotel reservation but I was picked from the hotel to


the hospital everything was explained well by both, Medicana and Qunomedical. I am happy with my treatment! I liked everything you guys did from start to now and I am indeed greatful for your service. keep it that way thanks a lot!

United Kingdom
July 2016
"It was a really good experience with Qunomedical!"

It was really good experience with Qunomedical! The staff was really helpful and they did their best until the end of the treatment.

Pick-up and drop off service was excelent! Staff was brilliant and treatment was 100% on the point.


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Büyükşehir, Beylikdüzü Cd. No:3, 34520 Beylikdüzü/İstanbul, Turkey



The Medicana International hospital is located on the traditionally European side of Istanbul. The closest airport, Istanbul Ataturk International Airport, is only a 20-minute drive from the hospital. Istanbul is the only city in the world that sits on two continents: Europe and Asia. The city lies on both sides of the Bosporus channel and the Sea of Marmara, which connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Bridging two continents, Istanbul is a melting pot and its rich and diverse cultural heritage is visible in its art, architecture, and food. There are many attractions within easy reach of the hospital such as Topkapi Palace, which was the official residence of the Ottoman Sultans for around four centuries. A visit to Istanbul also wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the bazaars.

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