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Metabolic Health at Amerimed Hospital

Cancun, Mexico

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There are a growing number of clinics in Cancun Mexico but Metabolic Health is focused on bringing innovative services to an international population. Metabolic Health provides surgical care and weight loss solutions for those suffering from metabolic disorders. When your body is unable to process fats, sugars, and proteins, it becomes more difficult to control your weight. In these situations, you may opt for bariatric surgery. Metabolic Health is the perfect choice for you because the staff has an awareness of your issues and is sensitive to your needs and to those of your family. Doctor Octavio Jimenez Meza is highly educated and certified in multiple procedures. Most of the procedures performed are done laparoscopically and include gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and gastric/lap band. A team of medical and dietary experts provide pre- and post-surgical consultation. The fact that the clinic is located in Cancun is definitely a bonus. It is a beautiful vacation spot that is attracting more foreigners for weight loss surgeries due to the rising costs of healthcare in other countries.


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