Founded in 2010, Neolife Medical Center is located in Instabul, Turkey. This outpatient center provides cancer treatment for patients from all over the world. The highly regarded medical professionals who care for patients at Neolife Medical Center cover a wide range of medical specialties related to oncology. Patients who choose Neolife Medical Center for their cancer treatment benefit from advanced medical technology and a well-rounded approach to medical care.

The staff at Neolife Medical Center tailors treatment to each individual patient and takes a holistic approach to treating cancer. Along with expert medical care, patients at this JCI-accredited facility benefit from several treatments that are included in the cost of their care. These additional treatments include psychological support, nutrition counseling, support groups, and prevention classes. Neolife Medical Center boasts an excellent reputation for providing outstanding care to international patients. The clinic's dedication to medical tourism success is evidenced by the job the International Patient Team does in addressing the needs and wants specific to patients who come from overseas. From the initial planning stages to the completion of the treatment, Neolife Medical Center caters to international patients at an exceptionally high level.


Joint Commission International (JCI) represents the gold standard in global health care, with accredited hospitals boasting the latest technology and the best doctors. It promotes rigorous standards of care and provides solutions for achieving peak performance.

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M.D. Nesrin Aslan Canpolat

None None M.D. Nesrin Aslan Canpolat

Prof. M.D. Ufuk Abacıoğlu

None None Prof. M.D. Ufuk Abacıoğlu

Ph.D. Salih Gürdallı

None None Ph.D. Salih Gürdallı

Ph.D. Basri Günhan

None None Ph.D. Basri Günhan

M.Sc. Zeynep Özen

None None M.Sc. Zeynep Özen

M.Sc. Namık Kayalilar

None None M.Sc. Namık Kayalilar

M.D. Roman Ibrahimov

None None M.D. Roman Ibrahimov

M.D. Psy. Elçin Biçer

None None M.D. Psy. Elçin Biçer

M.D. Pelin Demirkale

None None M.D. Pelin Demirkale

M.D. Gülgün Bilgen

None None M.D. Gülgün Bilgen

M.D. Gonca Saraç

None None M.D. Gonca Saraç

M.D. Esra Çay

None None M.D. Esra Çay

M.D. Alptekin Arifoğlu

None None M.D. Alptekin Arifoğlu

Assoc. Prof. Duygu Derin

None None Assoc. Prof. Duygu Derin

M.D. Op. Hamdi Koçer

None None M.D. Op. Hamdi Koçer
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