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Orto Nova

Rijeka, Croatia

About the clinic

Situated in Rijeka, Croatia, Orto-Nova is a high-quality family-run dental center. Orto-Nova was established in 2009, and has 12 fully-equipped operating rooms in a modern and comfortable surrounding with a beautiful view of the Kvarner bay. Orto-Nova offers a wide range of dental treatments including implantology (dental implants), orthodontics, teeth whitening, veneers and prosthetics. This state-of-the-art facility boasts top-quality equipment, techniques and materials. Patients visiting the clinic will benefit from several services, including airport pickup, local transportation, and hotel booking.


Rijeka is a port city in Croatia. It is located on Kvarner Bay in the northern Adriatic Sea. Rijeka's main sights include Trsat Castle, Rijeka Cathedral, the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral, and Park Nikole Hosta. Orto-Nova is conveniently located on the coast with easy access to Croatia's beautiful beaches and islands. The closest airport is Rijeka airport, which is a 30-minute away.

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