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Thailand is considered a global leader in medical tourism. The country attracts over two million foreign patients each year, many of which undergo treatment at one of the many JCI-accredited hospitals in the capital Bangkok. At Qunomedical we partner with Bangkok’s top, internationally-accredited hospitals which offer patients plastic surgery at up to 80% less than the average cost in Europe, North America, and Australia.

Why Should I Have Plastic Surgery in Bangkok?

Cosmetic and plastic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years and nowadays a range of procedures are available. Liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelifts, and Brazilian butt lifts are the most common procedures amongst international patients. It is, however, important to find a skilled and experienced surgeon who has performed your desired procedure multiple times and is highly accredited. Thailand is home to over 50 JCI-accredited clinics, 29 of which are located in Bangkok. JCI or Joint Commission International represents the gold standard in global health care, with accredited hospitals boasting the latest technology and the best doctors. World-class surgeons and state-of-the-art technology aren’t Bangkok's only draw. The Grand Palace, the Wat Phra Kaew or Temple of the Emerald Buddah, Siam Square’s shopping area and the renowned Chatuchak weekend market are well worth a visit. A trip to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without sampling the local cuisine; from street stalls selling Pad Thai to more upscale restaurants there's a lot to choose from.

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Bangkok

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Hairsmith Clinic is a ISQua-certified clinic specializing in hair transplant treatment. Procedures offered by this state-of-th... More Info
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Hospital Accreditation (HA) Thailand
ISO 9001
Founded in 1984, Yanhee Hospital is a JCI-accredited facility which boasts state-of-the-art equipment and over 400 beds. JCI or Joint Commission Internationa... More Info

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Hospital Accreditation (HA) Thailand
Part of the Bangpakok Hospital Group, the Bangpakok 9 International Hospital is a JCI-accredited institute which offers a gamut of medical and dental treatme... More Info

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Hospital Accreditation (HA) Thailand
Founded in 1979, Sikarin Hospital is a JCI-accredited facility which boasts state-of-the-art equipment, over 200 beds, and 17 specialized clinics. JCI or Joi... More Info
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Conveniently located in the center of town, Dr. Natt Clinic: Nana offers several anti-aging treatments for patients. The clinic specializes in all types of h... More Info
For anyone looking for help in growing back their lost hair, Absolute Hair Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand, may be the right answer. This state-of-the-art clinic... More Info
The Empire Polyclinic in Bangkok, Thailand, is an excellent option for those seeking top quality medical care at an affordable price. The clinic is especiall... More Info
The HHH Natural Hair Transplant Center in Bangkok, Thailand, offers hair restoration, transplant and implantation services. Their goal is to treat unwanted b... More Info
La Grace Clinic, located in the Central Pinklao District in Bangkok, Thailand, offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services designed to... More Info
Nirunda Aesthetic Clinic is a one-stop service provider of cosmetic surgeries and dermatology treatments for both men and women. Founded in 2007, the highly ... More Info
The Srinakarin branch of Samitivej Hospital is a 400-bed facility located just off the Bangkok-Pattaya expressway in Thailand. Its beautiful and carefully la... More Info
Clinic Neo is one of the top cosmetic clinics in all of Thailand. It is located at 348 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Bangkok Province, 10110, TH. The clinic speci... More Info
Located near the center of Bangkok, Intellihealth Plus Clinic boasts a medical team as diverse as its available treatments. Board certified physicians are tr... More Info
Bangkok's International Specialist Clinic specializes in aesthetic and dermatological procedures. The clinic also provides dental, mens health, and hair loss... More Info
Natchaya Clinic is one of Thailand's top clinics for cosmetic procedures. They provide a wide variety of treatments for almost all areas of the body. Patient... More Info

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