"We want to bring our patients to the most sophisticated clinics worldwide."

Dr. med Sophie Chung, MD, CEO & Founder

Why does an accreditation in international healthcare matter?

There are several reasons why an international healthcare accreditation is valuable for your clinic, including:

✔ Transparency towards international patients seeking high-quality treatment - most existing accreditations are not user-friendly and are not clear to patients
✔ Ranking among a selective group of high-quality clinics
✔ Visible proof of accreditation for your patients

How is the Junoscore™ accreditation different?

The Junoscore™ is designed to evaluate clinics based on specific treatments and provide transparency by unbiased and verified criteria.

We think from the perspective of the patient: we set clear standards so that your clinic's value is clear to a new patient.

It constantly assesses 1000s of clinics and doctors worldwide and grants access to a wide range of features available at Qunomedical.

The scoring depends on international patient service quality, education and experience of physicians, patient reviews, and quality of your facility set up.

As a trusted and reliable partner, being featured on Qunomedical will bring you the following benefits:

  • Increased visibility: with your dedicated profile on www.qunomedical.com, your page will be easy to find on Google, on social media and other online platforms. You will receive your personal online Junoscore™ Certificate badge for your own website as well as a print version issued to the name of your clinic.

  • Outstanding Customer Service: our Customer Service works 24/7. Qunomedical is your plug-and-play solution when you cannot answer your phone and your personal concierge service: each incoming request will be validated so that you will only receive pre-qualified requests.

  • Effective marketing strategies: you will take part in Qunomedical’s marketing strategies, including email campaigns, blog, Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Moreover, you’ll be admitted to market studies, reports, and benchmarks distributed to Qunomedical’s user base.