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Top Reproductive Medicine Hospitals in Spain

Located in Alicante, Spain, IVF Spain is a clinic specialized in fertility and assisted reproduction. Dr. Jon Aizpurua, internationally renowned and respec... More Info
International patients per year
Located in Malaga, Spain, is the URE Centro Gutenberg which is a private fertility clinic. It was founded in 1987 and has grown into an internationally renow... More Info
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"The most desirable dream"
Irene and Pedro, Spain
Institut Marques is an assisted reproduction gynecology and obstetrics clinic headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Founded more than 90 years ago, the clinic h... More Info
International patients per year

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The IREMA clinic is a reproductive assistance facility located in Alicante, Spain. They have the facilities and personnel necessary to diagnose and treat a w... More Info
For more than 26 years, IVI- Madrid has been a leader in reproductive services and has assisted in the birth of over 125,000 babies. They pride themselves in... More Info
IMF Instituto Madrileno de Fertilidad is located at Calle Joaquín María López, 44 28015 Madrid, Spain with a second location in Barcelona. This clinic specia... More Info
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