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Turkey offers international medical clients a mix of benefits that makes it a highly attractive destination for individuals that need competent reproductive medical care. Qunomedical has partnered with Turkey's top clinics and hospitals that offer world-class assistance that will allow you to save up to 80% on your reproductive medical treatment.

Why Should I Have Treatment in Turkey?

Individuals who make the decision to travel to Turkey for reproductive medical care can enjoy a wide variety of valuable benefits by doing so. Many of the physicians practicing reproductive medicine in Turkey have the highest level of medical training, received from some of the best medical training schools in the world. Home to more than 40 JCI-accredited facilities, Turkey is world- renowned for its advanced technologies and cutting-edge medical expertise. Those that make the wise choice to travel to Turkey for their medical care can often avoid the long waiting lists found in other locations. In some cases, this quick service can be a key to successful treatments. Being a very popular tourist destination, Turkey offers its visitors a vibrant multicultural tradition, magnificient architecture, and colorful bazaars. Turkey's capital city Ankara and largest city Istanbul have plenty to offer all year round to anyone visiting the country.

Reproductive Medicine in Turkey

Since the Izmir University Medical Center was founded in 2014 it has treated more than 12 thousand patients from 77 different countries. The 46,000 square me... More Info

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