​Infographic - 5 Ways to Build Reading Skills in Your Child with Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is a learning disability that involves difficulties in learning to read, write, or interpret words. If we look at dyslexia by the numbers, 10% of the world population is dyslexic, making dyslexia the most common learning disability globally.

While there are various teaching methods for people with dyslexia, no single method has proven to stand out from the others. Reason being that dyslexia varies from case to case and each person needs to find their own best way to build reading and writing skills.

What is common in most of the cases though, is that people with dyslexia tend to think in images rather than words. With this in mind, we summed up below 5 activities parents or teachers can take as an example to help children with dyslexia build reading skills.

5 Ways to Build Reading Skills in Your Child with Dyslexia

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