MD MEDMIX Hair Clinic, Poland

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient






Very professional! I am so thankful and satisfied I decided for MD Medmix!

I decided to have operation because of the scar I got in an accident and my hair didn’t grow on it. Before the transplant the doctor explained what it was all about and what could happen afterwards, when the first results would appear, what I should and shouldn’t do to get better results. As in case of the doctor, the staff is obviously very professional. Politeness, goodwill, helpfulness and concern about a patient are definitely the pros of the MD MEDMIX clinic. Before, during and after the operation (even when the long time had passed) everyone was very kind to me and I could always ask them questions. Leaving the clinic I could see that they were all engaged in their work and interested in their patients. After my first, unsuccessful transplant in another facility I was terrified and afraid that I would be treated the same way. I took a risk and it occurred to be a very good decision because thanks to the crew from the MEDMIX clinic I once again believe that a patient can be put above money. I hope these words will help others make decision and convince them that the MD MEDMIX is a trustworthy clinic. Thank you a lot, guys! I wish you all the best and many satisfied patients!